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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Woman Upstairs

An anonymous person wrote to Darkness Radio with a story about her scary experience:

“This happened to me when I was eight years old. My cousin lived in a creepy house when we were young and it always gave me a strange feeling but I was never scared to go inside. For months, my cousin was telling me she was seeing and hearing things in the house but when I was there, I never felt or saw I just assumed she was making it up. She has a tendency to make things up sometimes, so I just thought it was her imagination. Anyway, I spent the night with her and nothing happened that night, of course.

We woke up that day and were playing around when her mom left with her siblings to go run errands. We stayed behind to play. We'd been playing inside and nothing had happened when we decided to go outside and play. We were about to go outside when she forgot something and went back upstairs to get it. I waited by the front door for her to get it. She went upstairs and was fine until I heard a loud BOOM! Then I heard my cousin screaming that she couldn't open the door and I could tell she was terrified. I walked to the bottom of the stairs to go help her open the door but when I looked up at the top of the stairs, I froze. The room she was in was just past the stairs and door was visible from where I was standing, but it was the woman holding the door that caused me to freeze. She had long black hair but wasn't looking at me. She was just holding the door closed. She was as clear as anything I had ever seen and I really thought someone had broken in. I cried out in fear when she turned to me. My heart stopped. She had no face and fear overwhelmed me. As I started to back away, at that moment, she released the door and rushed down the stairs, right at me, gliding as she moved. I screamed and hit the wall behind me as she rushed past me and watched as she rushed out the door. The freaky thing was, the moment she went out the door, the door my cousin was frantically trying to open, flew open. We screamed as we ran out of the house. We ran down the road not stopping until w both couldn't run anymore.

I never stayed the night at that house again and wouldn't even go inside when we played together. It wasn’t long until they moved out of that house. The funny thing is just a few months ago, I told the story to my younger sister, who was about five when my cousins lived in that house. The entire time I was telling the story, a look of horror crossed her face and she told me about a time when they were trying to get to my mom and aunt and that same lady kept closing the doors on them and not letting them get into the rooms to our moms. It kind of brought the whole thing around and needless to say I believe my cousin now.”

Source: Darkness Radio - January 2, 2017

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