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Thursday, January 26, 2017

MIB in Rural Arkansas

Ryan in Oregon called in to tell of a possible MIB encounter he had in Arkansas:

“I had something happen to me when I was an over-the-road truck driver in very rural Arkansas. I was a trainer and about 2 o'clock in the morning, my student woke up and came through the curtain and sat in the other seat. I said, What are you doing up? And he said, just all of a sudden I just couldn't sleep. And right about then I look up, and it's very rural and there was no cars parked along the road, no houses, just forest. And somebody's standing on the white line on the freeway, you know, on the side of the road. I clicked the cruise control off and I slowed down. I started to move over into the left lane and there was a guy in a black suit. He was just standing there, stock still looking out onto the freeway. It was really strange and I have tried over the years to rationalize what that was and I haven't been able to. There was just nothing around out there. Nothing.

The really strange part was, I was kinda freaked out and kinda scared about it but my student, he was like, Maybe we should stop and see if he's okay. I said, I'm not stopping. He was really insistent that we stop and I finally said, when we get about two miles down the road, I'll pull over, I'll wait about an hour. If you're not back, I'm leaving. He kinda hushed up then. He had this crazy sense that he needed to go to this person. I felt the opposite, that I needed to get the hell out of there.

It was strange. I haven't told too many people but, yeah, really odd. He was looking straight off into the freeway and he didn't really move and the only way I can describe it, how he looked, was kind of like Agent Smith of The Matrix, you know in the suit, like that. I thought maybe he was drunk in a wedding party and lost, but there was nothing out there. There was no reason for anybody to be standing out there, especially in a suit.”

Source: Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis - June 21, 2016

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: If Ryan's student's last name was Anderson, then I'd be a bit freaked out as well. Lon

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