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Man or Beast?

An ex-military man named Alan was interviewed by Steven Strings about an encounter he had in Georgia:

“I'm from Atlanta, Georgia and I'm a herpetologist. I travel frequently up into the north Georgia mountains, up into the Helen area in the national forest and, on this day, I was going up there to observe some wildlife that I frequently study. This was last September. It was approximately 5 or 6 o'clock in the evening and as I was going to my usual sites and I had observed that... I was walking about. It was about 5 minutes before I was up to one of the sites and there was no wildlife active.

I didn't notice it at first but I did later on and as I was walking. I came up to a ridge and I noticed there was something diagonal from me. It was on the ground and it wasn't moving. I was about 10 to 15 feet away from it. I got up to about that distance and it jumped up and spun around very quickly. I realized, you know, this was something very out of the ordinary, something I hadn't seen before. And it was sitting there and it was staring at me and some minutes had passed and, at this point in time, it was making moans or growls. It was making sounds close to that. That's the best way I can describe it. It was man-like. It was approximately 7 and a half to 8 feet tall and 4 and half feet from shoulder to shoulder. It was very very large. Some might say it was ape-like but in my opinion, due to my studying various wildlife, it was not anything close to being an ape. It was like a man. There was absolutely nothing ape about it. Very very muscular. The hands, the best I can describe the hands are about a size 13 or 14 or maybe even larger, as far as trying to fit a ring on it. Very very muscular. I cannot stress this enough. The eyes could see the whites of the eyes unlike other creatures. They were squinted, aggressive. The forehead was not apelike. It was more homo sapien than ape. It did have full body hair with the exception of the hands and feet. There was hair on the knees and elbows. It had hair like a man. The teeth. I was able to observe the teeth as they were bared most of the time. The teeth were like a man. They did have 3 or 4 canines but they were worn and pretty nasty. The skin on the hands... I stood in front of this creature for a significant amount of time. I didn't know whether to run or just stand there or do whatever you do. Definitely this creature could outrun me. Like I was saying, the hands and the skin, they were tanned. They weren't black. I wouldn't even say dark brown. They were just tanned. It did have fingernails. Human. They didn't have blood on them. I was able to tell that.

This was all happening and as I was observing his hands, he's sizing me up. That's the best way I can describe it and at that point in time, he picked up a log. I was able to observe that. He was most likely right-handed. I know this is going to be hard to believe but it's true and it chucked it in my general direction. Notice I said HE. It did have male sexual organs. I was able to observe that. No tail. It walked upright. It had brownish-reddish hair. It was matted. I'm not 100% sure if it was due to the Georgia clay or if that was his actual hair color. I was able to observe it was a mix of between brown and red. After it chucked the log, at this point in time, I started backing up slowly and, you know it didn't charge me or try to beat me or anything like that I was expecting. I was slowly backing up. There was a strong stench, body odor. Somewhat that of a wet dog. But, I'd say, probably a hundred times stronger. I was backing up and this all happened within... I can't even say for sure but it was over 2 minutes that I was standing in front of him. And I slowly started backing up down the ridge and eventually I got out of sight and I made a beeline back to where I came from.

It was definitely real, beyond a shadow of a doubt. It was what some might say was a Bigfoot, Sasquatch or whatever. It was not a man. It was not a native creature that's seen everyday. Someone might make their own decision about. That's all I got to say. (Steven asks him what he guessed the weight was) There wasn't much to compare it to but 4 at least. I'd say about 400 pounds. The forehead was sunken back and the shoulders were more forward than a proper... I didn't have a proper posture. It was definitely leaning more forward than straight up. It's rare to see somebody that would be as muscular as that creature. It was exhibiting more cautious, on the verge of aggressive. The eyes. I was able to observe the eyes did have more... I wouldn't say downright fear but there was aggressiveness there. The eyes were squinted. The breathing was rapid and going by the noises the creature was making, it was threatened.”

Source: Sasquatch Encounter Interview, Published on 27 Nov 2013 by stevenstrings

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NOTE: Very interesting account and description. Much of it is similar to my Sykesville, MD encounter in 1981 (more human than ape, observe male organs, strong stench, light brown palms and soles). The bright white pupils is interesting. What was this? Many eastern US witnesses state the human-like appearance of these hominids. Lon

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