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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Malevolent Black Eyes

Please note: the blog postings may be a bit erratic the next 2 weeks. I have several medical appointments and tests scheduled...as well as surgery within the next 10 days. Please bear with me. Thanks again...Lon

“In 1995 I was taking a trip across the country with my father, from east coast to west coast. We had camped out a couple days in federal land in Utah and needed gas. It was an extremely desolate area, but we passed a little crossroads. There was a convenience store built into side of a rock wall. When I walked in I remember there was an old man behind the counter and a younger looking man in one of the aisles. No flags went off, just a normal setting.

I was paying for the gas at the counter and the younger man came up behind me to stand in line. He kind of passed the boundary of my comfort zone so I casually inched forward a bit. He did it again, so I gave him sort of a side glance...a quick glance to the eyes. Looking back at me were watery, completely jet black eyes. I only glanced at them for a split second but that was enough to start to process what I saw. The hair on the back of my neck went up immediately. It freaked me out, but I left calmly. I got in passenger seat of the RV. My father was done pumping gas and we left. I didn’t exactly have any feeling of fear, more just something I couldn’t process from the norm.

Two days later we made it to the west coast, near San Francisco and headed north on the Pacific Coast Highway. We made it to a campground in a small coastal town of Eureka, CA to camp and stay the night. The town had a movie theater that we could walk to from camp, so we caught a show and headed back for the night. I climbed up into the loft and fell asleep.

About an hour later I woke up with a fever 104 and very weak. I woke my father and he drove the RV to a hospital in town. In about 15 minutes we were pulling into a parking lot. Waiting for a couple of minutes before going in, the fever broke. My temp dropped back to normal, but I felt worn out and drained from head to toe. I remained drained for a couple days, but no fever. We stopped at a walk-in clinic in Eugene, Oregon to have blood work done. Nothing abnormal was found. I don't know if the sickness had any connection to the young black-eyed man I glanced at, but it has always kind of haunted the back of my mind. My father was well aware of my description of the young man and was there first-hand to see the strange illness. We do still talk about that strange day 20 years ago." Anonymous

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