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Daily 2 Cents: UFO Landing / Humanoids Observed Near Buckeye, Arizona -- Science Attempts to Explain Alien Abduction -- 3K-Long Crack Opens in Desert

UFO Landing / Humanoids Observed Near Buckeye, Arizona

I was working on some electrical lines on one of the poles out by the substation on Old Highway 80 near Buckeye on Thursday, it was about 4:30 pm and I was wrapping up my work and putting my tools away when I noticed a large object fly overhead, casting a shadow as it passed overhead and come down in the field across the street from where I was. The object was cigar shaped and gun metal grey and had to be at least 60 feet in length and was almost silent apart from a whoosh sound that could be heard as it approached the ground. I was in a good position to observe land as I was up in a bucket truck working on the overhead wires at the time that I noticed it. The object came to a stop and from the position I was in, it looked like the object did not come to rest on the ground itself, but looked like it was floating a couple of feet from the ground.

The object was on the ground for about 3 minutes doing nothing when something resembling a hatch opened about 10 from what was the nose of the craft. After about a minute of the hatch being opened, I witnessed what looked like two small children get out of the craft. Now please remember, I am about 40-50 yards from this object, across the street and I was 35 feet off the ground in a bucket truck but from my vantage point I could see as these two children walked down the ramp toward the field in front of them. They were about 4 feet tall and skinny as hell I mean emaciated skinny, like the pictures of the starving children in Africa that you see on the television commercials. They had big heads, they looked impossible for them to hold up with those frail bodies they had. They both wore what looked like dark blue one piece uniforms that went down to their ankles and long sleeved down to their wrists. The first one that came through the hatch walked down a ramp and waited for the second one to join him on the ground and they both walked over to the fields in front of them. They seemed to be interested in the crops that were growing and it looked like they were taking samples. I slowly raised the bucket higher up to try to get a better view of what they were doing.

They apparently did not notice me (Thank Goodness) as they kept about their business. I observed them for about 6 minutes as they went about their business of walking through the field. After about 6 minutes, a tan colored SUV came down the road and they must have seen the large object on the ground because he came to a screeching halt and threw the truck into reverse trying to see the object.

The commotion must have alerted the beings as they looked up and that is when they must have also seen me. They both immediately ran toward the craft at an ungodly speed, faster than anything I have ever seen move and they went through the hatch which immediately shut behind them leaving no trace that there had ever been a hatch right there, just smooth metal.

The object then lifted into the air, causing a cloud of dust to rise as it flew up and hovered there for about 10 seconds before flying off to the west faster than any plane I have ever seen fly. I stood there looking in the direction that the object flew off until the gentleman who had been driving the SUV called up to me and asked me if I had seen that thing too. I shouted out that I did as I made my way down to the truck. After getting off the truck, I spoke with the man for about 10 minutes as we were both just in awe of what we saw. I have seen many things out in the desert as I would work, but this is the very first time I have seen a UFO, much less the beings that fly them. I told my wife at home and she looked at me like I had lost my mind and said I might have been mistaken and seen a helicopter landing and maybe some soldiers getting out of it, but I know what I saw and decided to write you about it.

Thanks to Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse


Science Attempts to Explain Alien Abduction

Accounts of mysterious flashing lights in the sky, spacecrafts and encounters with “real” aliens reflect high levels of public interest in UFOs and the belief that there is “something out there”. However, many psychologists are less convinced, and think they can provide more down-to-earth, scientific explanations.

Belief in aliens has increased steadily since the birth of modern alien research in the 1940s and 1950s, following the news surrounding a classified US military project at Roswell Air Force Base, New Mexico. Surveys in Western cultures estimated belief in aliens to be as high as 50% in 2015. And despite the fact that it is considered rare, a significant number of people also believe they have experienced alien abduction.

Present day awareness of alien abduction dates to the 1961 case of Betty and Barney Hill, who witnessed odd lights and experienced “missing time” and “lost memories” while driving. The reported consequences of abduction are often loss of memory, missing time, and problems such as sickness, sleepwalking, nightmares and psychological trauma. Following their experience, Betty and Barney experienced psychological problems and subsequently sought therapy. Read more at Some scientific explanations for alien abduction that aren’t so out of this world


3K-Long Crack Opens in Arizona Desert

A massive, 3.2-km (2-mile) crack has formed in the Arizona Desert, and scientists have released the first up-close footage of the damage.

The crack is expected to get even longer in the coming years, and scientists are predicting that the widest parts - which can stretch up to 3 metres (10 feet) - could soon collapse into the void.

The crack was first discovered in Google Earth images from 2014 by geologist Joseph Cook from the Arizona Geological Survey.

Now that Cook and his team have finally visited the site, they’ve found that a whole new section opened up last year - and the crack is continuing to spread. Read more at Scientists have released footage of a giant, 3-km crack that opened up in Arizona



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