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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Girls on the Pier

Brian wrote in to Darkness Radio with a weird story:

“The year. 1990. Desert Storm and Nelson Mandela being freed from prison. Myself and three friends, while serving in the British Army, traveled to Brighton, England for a few days of R & R holiday. The weather being particularly hot that year, we were wasting no time enjoying it. Myself and my friend Andy decided to go for a walk along Brighton Pier, famous for its amusement arcade and ice cream. Whilst there we got to speaking to two young German girls from Nuremberg and we hit it off immediately. They spoke broken English and we tried our best WWII movie German commandant accents with them.

For the next few hours we all laughed and joked about everything with each other and the language barrier became less of a distraction as the evening wore on. One girl was a blonde and the other a redhead. Both beautiful and way out of our league, and yet they liked us and wanted to know more about us. As we were both in the awkward teenage years, myself and Andy didn't know which girl liked who and I was just glad to get some attention from the opposite sex. After awhile we all decided to meet again at the same time and place the next day. They left the Pier to join friends while we waited for our other two friends to join us.

The following evening, filled with nerves and apprehension, myself and Andy made our way to the Pier. Standing at the entrance were these two beautiful German girls all dressed up in tight dresses waiting for us. I couldn't believe my luck. We all walked to the Pier and got some food before deciding we should all go to the cinema to see 'Bird on a Wire' starring Mel Gibson. Myself and Andy looked at each other, knowing that this would be the ideal place to find out which girl liked who. We made our way to the Pier exit but at this point for the strangest reason ever, Andy walked ahead of all of us and ran across the large open road in front of us. I called him back but he continued to run toward the other side. Knowing that he was heading in the wrong direction to the cinema, I apologized to the girls and asked them to stay where they were so I could return my idiotic friend. I ran over to the other side, approximately 20 meters in width where he was standing at. I grabbed him and said, What are you doing, the cinema is this way? He could not provide any reason or rationale for his behavior. At this point we both quickly headed back to the other side of the road but to our bemusement, the girls were nowhere to be seen. This is less than 10 to 15 seconds since I spoke to them.

Now if you could picture the scene at Brighton Pier. It's a long wide open road that stretches out a long distance and would require some amount of running for the girls to hide, especially running in the dresses that they were wearing. We looked everywhere for the next few hours, searching the Pier pretty extensively but to no avail and eventually giving up and being annoyed with Andy. The next day at the same time, we came back to the Pier to seek out the girls but they never showed up. The next day we had to leave to go elsewhere and never got the chance to speak to those two German girls from Nuremberg.

Andy and me lost touch not long after that but caught up 25 years later. After a few war stories and some alcohol, the topic of Brighton came up. We discussed what happened that night. Maybe after all this time, Andy would have a different view of the story that I had on it but he didn't and to this day he still felt as I did about it - spooked as hell. We both discussed, where did they go and what happened? Why did Andy walk away without reason? How could we not see them run away if that is what they decided to do? So many more unanswered questions. To this day, I don't know if those two girls from Germany are alive, dead or just part of our imagination. Or, was it something more paranormal?”

Source: Darkness Radio - August 22 2016

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