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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Wild Screaming Giants -- Son Dismembered & Dissolved Parents in Acid -- Bizarre Illuminated Spectre

Wild Screaming Giants

Wahiawa, Hawaii - 1973: A man had gone to the river in Whitmore Village with his friends to catch catfish. They laid traps in the river for about an hour, intending to come back in the morning to gather up the fish. As they were busy putting in their traps, they heard a blood-curdling scream. It sounded at first like a wild man screaming in the bushes right next to them. In a state of panic the witnesses began to run. As they got to the top of the hill, running down a little trail, they came to a curve in the path. As they entered the curve, they all stopped dead in their tracks. An 8-foot tall man was walking down the trail, heading right for them. He was naked except for a cloth around his waist. They turned and ran back to the river. As he stumbled down the side of the embankment, a giant woman stepped out from behind a tree. She must have been at least seven feet tall. Turning downriver they ran until they came out of the ravine safely. Giant footprints were found at the site. - The Obake Files


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Son dismembered, dissolved parents in acid

Joel Michael Guy Jr. drove up from his Baton Rouge, La., apartment last week to join his parents and three adult sisters for a last Thanksgiving dinner at the West Knox County home his parents had sold.

Afterward the sisters returned to their homes in Maryville and Kingsport. Everything seemed fine during the family gathering at 11434 Goldenview Lane, authorities said.

But sometime between Friday night and mid-day Saturday, the 28-year-old son attacked his parents with a knife, possibly tortured them and dismembered their bodies, leaving remains in various rooms of the 2,256-square-foot home, according to Knox County Sheriff's Office Maj. Michael K. MacLean.

"Joel placed pieces of the bodies in an acid-based solution in an attempt to destroy evidence," said MacLean, who commands the Major Crimes Unit at the Sheriff's Office.

The solution Joel Guy Jr. hoped would dissolve his parents' bodies, MacLean said, was composed of normal household chemicals and didn't require special knowledge of chemistry.

"It's the kind of thing you can get off the internet," MacLean said.

Joel Guy Jr. left the house unlocked and returned Sunday to his Baton Rouge apartment. He had driven his 2006 dark gray Hyundai Sonata on the holiday trip, MacLean said.

The former student at Louisiana State University was getting into that Sonata about 3 p.m. Tuesday outside his Nicholson Road apartment when two detectives from the Knox County Sheriff's Office, officers with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, agents with the Baton Rouge office of the FBI and "SWAT elements" pounced on him, MacLean said.

MacLean said detectives Monday had obtained two warrants charging Joel Guy Jr. with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his 55-year-old mother and his 61-year-old father. The FBI got involved in the case because MacLean sought a federal fugitive warrant.

MacLean said authorities also obtained search warrants for Joel Guy Jr.'s apartment and car. He would not say whether authorities had recovered weapons used in the attacks or tools employed to cut up the bodies.

"We hope to have Mr. Guy return to Knoxville soon," MacLean said.

MacLean said he was unsure of a motive, but Lisa and Joel Guy Sr. planned to discuss with their unemployed son during the holiday discontinuing his financial support. MacLean also said there is no indication the Guys had named their son as a beneficiary in any life insurance policies.

Authorities discovered "the gruesome scene" in the home about noon Monday, MacLean said. Lisa Guy's employer, Jacobs Engineering in Oak Ridge, had contacted the Sheriff's Office when she failed to show for work. MacLean said a patrol car was sent by the Goldenview Lane home, but the officer didn't see anything suspicious and nothing more was done.

Officials at Jacobs Engineering were unsatisfied with that response. MacLean said a company representative called the Major Crimes Unit and expressed concern.

"They indicated Lisa had set up a scheduled meeting that day that she would not miss," MacLean said.

This time, an officer peered into the windows of the home and saw evidence of a violent crime.

"It would be described as horrific, a very gruesome crime scene," MacLean said.

Officers found clear signs of a struggle in the home.

MacLean would not go into details of the attack, but he noted Joel Guy Jr. "would not be able to overpower his father."

Lisa and Joel Guy Sr. were last seen alive Friday when they moved a boat to a relative's house. The couple, MacLean said, were preparing to relocate to Rogersville, Tenn., to a home that had been in their family for years. They had moved into the Goldenview Lane house in 2007, but recently sold it. The home had been listed for sale for $237,500.

"The new owners actually came by while we were at the home," MacLean said.

Forensics officers worked Monday and Tuesday to remove evidence and the chemical solutions from the residence.

Knox County Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones said his department intentionally withheld from the public any information about the killings because any release would have harmed the investigation. He said he used the same logic in withholding information about the discovery Nov. 21 of the shooting of Emma Walker, a Central High School student found dead in her home.

"It would have made it much harder to make arrests if we had released information on these cases," Jones said Wednesday. "It's clear these individuals were following social media."

Jones said serving justice outweighed informing the public about murders in the community as long as the community was not at risk. - Son dismembered, dissolved parents in acid


US Gearing Up For Space War?

The US military is reportedly readying for the next generation of warfare in space, where science fiction-like weapons such as kamikaze satellites and destructive lasers await — a prospect that many experts see as merely a matter of time.

The nightmare scenario could begin with a massive cyberattack that could disable satellites and ultimately cut off communication networks for millions of Americans, according to an hour-long documentary, “War in Space: The Next Battlefield,” slated to air Tuesday on CNN.

“As humans go out there, there has always been conflict,” Gen. John Hyten, head of US Strategic Command, told CNN. “Conflict in the Wild West as we move in the West … conflict in Europe for its horrible world wars. So, every time humans actually physically move into that, there’s conflict, and in that case, we’ll have to be prepared for that.”

Hyten is one of more than 10 high-ranking national security and military personnel interviewed by CNN chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto for the documentary, including the entire US chain of command for space warfare and the former head of Air Force Space Command — who says the United States isn’t prepared to respond to the new threats. Read more at The US could be gearing up for potential space wars


Bizarre Illuminated Spectre

Puerto de Alisas, Spain - April 4, 1991: Jose Saiz was traveling alone on an isolated road and as he was rounding a curve he saw what he thought at first to be a sheet floating in the air on the side of the road. It now floated on the center of the road and the witness slowed down and turned on the high beams. Suddenly he was stunned to realize that it was not a "sheet" but a man-like figure. It was moving towards the witness, moving its arms very slowly as if it were swimming. Little by little it moved off to the right and feet first, descended to the ground.

The now terrified witness could see that it was a tall man wearing something resembling a dark flowing tunic. It moved in strange leaps and bounds as the witness noticed that it had a very pale face with a pointed chin. As the witness drove by the figure he looked more closely and was able to see more details. It had a long bony pale face, somewhat resembling that of a corpse. Its whole face and body appeared to be illuminated by a dim glow, bluish reddish in color. It had long straight hair almost white in color and was shoulder length. Its hands and feet were long, bony and strong looking. He was apparently barefooted. The humanoid was easily over 2 meters in height and wore something on his forehead resembling a diadem or tiara. The humanoid facial expression was that of extreme resigned sadness and fear. This scared the witness who as he drove by the figure saw it bend down in an almost mechanical fashion. The witness attempted to accelerate the car but it had inexplicably lost power. The vehicle suddenly accelerated and the witness left the bizarre being behind. The witness had the impression that he humanoid remained on the road as if waiting for something or someone. - Iker Jimenez



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