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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Faceless Phantom at Yellowstone -- Coywolf...New Evolving Species -- Alien Encounter Reported in Wales

Faceless Phantom at Yellowstone

An anonymous man called in to tell of something he saw in 1975:

“My story goes back to 1975. My girlfriend and I were driving back to Idaho where I was going to school. We were headed towards Yellowstone Park and the Montana east gate in a little yellow Volkswagen. It was around midnight and it was kinda snowing and, picture a two lane road with tall trees and no moon or nothing, just our headlights and the snow is falling.

All of a sudden there was this figure I saw walking right in the center of the road, walking the same direction as me. In other words, her back was to me. It was a woman. At first I noticed her and I told my girlfriend, Do you see what I see? A girl walking out here at midnight. It's probably about 30 degrees out. The closer we got, the more detail I could make out. It was so... I was gonna roll down my window and ask if she needed help, but we noticed that she was wearing very very old, I guess nineteenth century garb, clothing. And she had hobnail boots. She had a long shawl and around her shoulders and in her hair, she had long brown hair, down probably a little bit below her shoulder blades. And the closer we got, we noticed something weird. Her hair was completely dry. Not wet, like you would expect for somebody out in snow.

I was about to roll down my window and my girlfriend goes: Don't even stop! Don't even look! Go! You know, that freaked me out because I was just about ready to slow down. She said, Don't even look in the mirror, she has NO FACE! I drove away. You can imagine, here we are putting along in a little Volkswagen and I just slowly moved over to the right to avoid hitting her. As I moved off and later got to the gate, the ranger said Sorry, the pass is closed tonight due to the snow. I asked, You mean we gotta go back? He says, Well, there's a little motel about a half a mile back. We were scared out of our wits. Anyway, we got to this motel and fortunately the guy still had a room available. And as soon as we got in the room, we just locked the door and put the chair in front of it. The rest of the night we couldn't sleep.”

Source: Coast to Coast – October 31, 2000

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Coywolf...New Evolving Species

A new species combining wolves, coyotes and dogs is evolving before scientists’ eyes in the eastern United States.

Wolves faced with a diminishing number of potential mates are lowering their standards and mating with other, similar species, reported The Economist.

The interbreeding began up to 200 years ago, as European settlers pushed into southern Ontario and cleared the animal’s habitat for farming and killed a large number of the wolves that lived there.

That also allowed coyotes to spread from the prairies, and the white farmers brought dogs into the region.

Over time, wolves began mating with their new, genetically similar neighbors.

The resulting offspring — which has been called the eastern coyote or, to some, the “coywolf” — now number in the millions, according to researchers at North Carolina State University.

Interspecies-bred animals are typically less vigorous than their parents, The Economist reported — if the offspring survive at all.

That’s not the case at all with the wolf-coyote-dog hybrid, which has developed into a sum greater than the whole of its parts.

At about 55 pounds, the hybrid animal is about twice as heavy as a standard coyote, and its large jaws, faster legs and muscular body allow it to take down small deer and even hunt moose in packs, and the animal is skilled at hunting in both open terrain and dense woodland. Read more at A new species is evolving right before our eyes — an ultra-successful mix of wolves, coyotes and dogs


Alien Encounter Reported in Wales

A sinister seven-foot alien wearing a cowboy hat has been spotted at a bus stop in Yeovil.

The alleged extra-terrestrial was black, had no face, spikes down its side and “silky” hair.

The spooked driver who claims to have witnessed it outside Yeovil College in Somerset says the encounter has left him so terrified he hasn’t been able to sleep since.

He said: “I was driving up the road as I normally do and I saw this dark looking figure by Yeovil College. It looked quite tall and had this big Stetson hat.

“I slowed down to have a closer look and thought it’s not a man, it was about 7ft tall.

“It had this long thin tube coming from the top of it and spikes coming out of the side. The middle bit of it was like moleskin and hairy.

“The thing wasn’t moving at all and was in this box that had sparks coming out of it. It was like something out of science fiction.” Read more at Alien sighting reported in Yeovil as man claims he saw sinister seven-foot creature wearing cowboy hat at bus stop


Conowingo Reservoir Island

I recently received the following inquiry. Any information that can be provided is appreciated:

My experience is more vision than encounter or sighting. I'm wondering what, if anything, you know about the islands in the Conowingo Reservoir? I'm specifically interested in Sicily Island, the cupules nearby, Masonic activity on the island, and the Sicily Island Fishing Club. My vision is personal and subject to my own interpretation, but from what little history I've found on the island I'm convinced the area is some kind of portal, and perhaps a prehistoric burial ground.

Have you heard of strange happenings on the islands? During my last visit, I asked for confirmation of my previous visions. Attached, is a photo taken on that date. Note the eye, the suns rays, and the triangle.



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