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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Black-Eyed 'Ghost Girl' -- Aliens at the Lake -- Mystery Object w/ Police Escort

Black-Eyed 'Ghost Girl'

This occurred in Oakland, CA where my wife's parents live. There have been several shootings in the area (more than normal) and the funeral home on International Drive has been getting a lot of business. A few weeks ago, my in-laws were driving through Oakland at around 2am in the morning. My mother-in-law works as a live in hospice nurse and only has a day or so off. She was coming back at 2am after having the evening off. While they were driving to her job, they saw a woman standing on the corner next to the funeral home with a dress on and very well-dressed. They saw her at the corner while they were stopped at the intersection, and noticed that the woman smiled at them. They also noticed that her eyes were black. My in-laws were frightened and drove away as fast as they could. My father-in-law drops off my mother-in-law at her work and wonders if that ghost woman he saw at the corner will be there on the way back (he had to go through that same intersection). On his way back, she was still there at the corner, and this time he was stuck at the light at the intersection. She actually waved to him and he noticed again she had black eyes. It seemed like she was trying to get him to come over and pick her up. Naturally when the light turned green, he sped out of that intersection to get home. No one seems to know who she is, but they all seem to agree that her funeral was probably through the funeral home there on that street. As to why she was on that street between 2am and 3am, I think she was looking for "victims". - Witness


Aliens at the Lake

I was fishing in a pond about 15 miles from town. It was late in the evening and it was brewing up a rain storm. I was with my cousin who is a couple of years younger than I. I was under tree near the lake and I kept seeing something shiny across the lake. If I tried very hard I could cast across the pond. I was aware of the lightning and thunder. It was a rough storm with plenty of lightening. I Noticed that the shiny spots were large and an equal distance apart. I could see the beings better when the lightening made everything Bright. I kept looking for a while until I realized what they were. There were more than I saw I am sure because they were all walking a path across from me. It is rather bushy on that Side except for a trail that comes over the hill. We had parked about half mile from the Lake because of a fence. It was easier to walk than go around. After I noticed they were real I called out to my cousin who had walked off a little ways. They kept looking at me than at him. Their eyes still shining. Their eyes were big and round And had slight oriental slant to them. They were short and skinny, long arms, big heads, But not long heads but large. I Called to my cousin and told him what I was looking at. He came running and we picked up What we could and ran up to the truck. When we got to the truck we looked back and Could see more of them but we were to scared to look for long. We rushed off and decided not to tell anyone. Now that I am older I worry about my grandkids. This is a private lake and is used by few people. I have no pics. We did not carry cell phones at the time. Since they have been here for years I don't think they are destructive to us but they could be. Robert C - MUFON CMS


Mystery Object w/ Police Escort

A man has filmed a giant mystery object being transported through his town with a police escort.

The YouTube user, called somiskid, captured the convoy with a lorry carrying a huge mysterious object as it rolled through Saticoy in Caifornia.

It was escorted by a police car as well as three lorries and a service vehicle late at night on Tuesday.

The middle lorry appears to be carrying a huge metal box as traffic builds up behind the slow moving vehicles.

Somiskid captioned the video "What is this thing round 2!!??' after spotting and filming a similar object five months previously."

The first video, published in June, was watched more than 15,000 times.

The film maker said his latest video was captured at about 10.30 at night on Tuesday as the convoy rolled down East Ventura.

Some YouTube users claimed the box could contain state secrets or nuclear waste.

One said: "A nuclear flask. It is a shipping container that is used to transport active nuclear materials between nuclear power station and spent fuel reprocessing facilities."

And another joker added: "It's the raptor cage from Jurassic Park."

Although no official explanation has been given, some confident commenters claimed the object is an electrical substation transformer.

Travis Peterson, another YouTube user, said: "It's an electrical substation transformer like someone said below. I believe they put it on it's side for easier transport. But yeah.. it's totally an alien dinosaur species from Uranus. (sic)" - Mystery as police escort MASSIVE object in huge convoy but is it state secrets, nuclear waste or even aliens?


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