Thursday, December 01, 2016

BEK in the Snow

I recently received the following account:

Hi - I just read your Bizarre Encounters book and really enjoyed it. If you don't mind, I had a strange experience last winter that I'd like to describe to you.

I live in Fargo, ND and the winters can get brutal here. My husband is a long-haul trucker, so I'm home by myself a lot. One Monday morning I was outside shoveling snow from my front walkway. It was still snowing, but the snowblower was busted and I wanted to get some of it out of the way. I worked on it for a hour or so, then decided to go inside and get a cup of coffee. I left the shovel on the front porch.

After about 15 minutes, I headed towards the front door and back outside. It's then I noticed that the shovel was missing. I knew I had left it by the door. Then I looked up our driveway towards the street (it's very long - about 200 ft) and saw someone shoveling snow by the mailbox. I walked in that direction and saw footprints along the driveway - so I figured this person had my shovel. But why would they be shoveling out by the road?

I got within 20 feet or so from this person and yelled 'you have my shovel.' They didn't answer. I could tell it was a female by the long blond hair. She was dressed in a dark grey jacket and no hat or boots. I yelled again. 'What are you doing?' The person looked up. I swear - I almost fainted. The face was that of a teenage girl, with alabaster white skin - but her eyes were completely black! She stared at me and didn't say a word. She dropped the shovel and continued to look at me. Then she said in a very soft voice, 'I need you to help me.'

I stood there dumbfounded, but I kind of felt sorry for her. I picked up the shovel and then asked her, 'What is the trouble?' Again, she looked at me for several seconds, not uttering a word. She then said, 'Can I have the shovel?' I said 'You can use it when I'm finished. Is that OK?' Then she said 'Thank you,' and turned and walked down the street. I kept an eye on her, as she walked past several residences without stopping - eventually distant enough that I couldn't see her in the falling snow.

This black-eyed girl never came back for the shovel, and I still have no idea why she was shoveling the entrance to my driveway. I told my husband about the incident, and he replied 'I have heard talk about these black-eyed people. I didn't know they were here in Fargo.' I asked where he had heard about this, and he said most of the incidents were in California. But there were a few more in other states, and that other truck drivers had encountered some. He also said he had never seen one.

I thought it was an interesting story. I still wonder about her. Abby

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