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Friday, November 11, 2016

Mysterious 'Roar' in Southeastern Quebec

I recently received the following account:

Hi - I had a very mysterious encounter many years ago when I was about 14 years old - about 1974. I have no explanation for what it was that happened. My brother was with me and experienced it too. I have told very few people about it because I felt that I would be laughed at and I really still have no idea what happened.

We lived in a small town in southeast Quebec. My brother had a small dirt bike at the time (he was about 11 yrs old) and we decided to go down a farmer's field to just explore a little.

To explain - it was really flat country and as we drove down the path we saw no one anywhere - and there was no where for anyone to hide, as there weren't even trees - just flat fields with short grass on them. There were also no houses and no structures of any kind as far as the eye could see.

It was a sunny warm summer day with no wind. We drove quite a way back and came across a small culvert bridge with a small creek under it. We walked along it and could see a long way in both directions. We knew that the farmer who owned the land was a sour old man and we took our time looking to see if he was around - which he wasn't - nor was anyone else. Satisfied, we took our shoes and socks off and put our feet in the water while just enjoying the day and chatting. It was extremely quiet I remember. We were far away from houses or roads so there were no sounds other than the stream gurgling lightly.

After about 20 minutes my brother and I heard a horrible roar. The roar was not like a bear or a lion. I had heard both at the local Parc Safari. It was loud and sounded unlike anything I had heard before. We were country kids and were used to animals in the area and not easily frightened either, as we grew up playing in the local fields and woods all our lives.

We both heard the roar and it galvanized us into action. Immediately we jumped to our feet in a panic. We grabbed our shoes and my brother got on his bike so fast and started down the path in such a panic that I had to run behind to jump on behind him. We drove at top speed back and we were incredibly scared. We saw NOTHING. And there was nothing that could have snuck up on us because we were so far away. We would have heard or seen if something or someone followed us. My brother and I were terrified - truly frightened. We tried to figure out what we could have heard.

To this day I have no answer - and my brother who is the most complete non-believer in the world of psychic phenomenon doesn't like to talk about our experience. He has no answers either.

I have never returned to that place and never will. I'm still terrified of it and I don't even know what happened. Do you have any ideas? Have you ever heard of a similar encounter? Thanks for reading my encounter. W

NOTE: So was it the roar of a Sasquatch? I have received a few witness reports from eastern Canada and the Atlantic Maritimes of unexplained horrific long distance roars. Does anyone have an idea? BTW...the Parc Safari in Hemmingford, Quebec is not a typical zoo. I'm not fond of most zoos and the manner in which the animals are housed...but Parc Safari is a bit more humane than most, IMO. Lon

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