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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

'It was Bigfoot'

Johnny in California called in to tell of his Bigfoot sighting in 1973:

“It was Mount Lassen...in Northern California in 1973. I was camping out with six other boys. We were up there spending the night on the volcano on Mount Lassen. It was getting dark and one of the boys that was in our group said, Hey, I'm gonna go walk around. I didn't know these five other boys real well. We were friends from school. Well, I said, That's not a good idea. You don't want to go walking out there. Because there's a lot of timber and it's pitch black out there. You could literally walk off a cliff and die. Anyhow, this kid takes off. We got a fire going. It just started to get dark. I tell the other guys, somebody's gotta go out and get him... bring this guy back. He's gonna get hurt. And no one did nothing. So I'm sitting there and I'm waiting for somebody to get up and go after this kid. No one did so I said, Well, I'm gonna go out and try to get him back. So I take off on this trail and I'm walking along...I’m saying this guy's name. No response. No nothing.

Then all of a sudden I hear this scream. This scream of a huge animal and it was like nothing I've ever heard before. It wasn't just one yell. It's actually kinda hard to put into words. What was strange was this animal, I could see it. There is this small gully and he was standing on the other side of the gully and this screech. It was guttural and it was huge. You could tell it was a huge animal by how low and deep it was. The strange thing was that it sounded like it was literally right next to my ear. It was bizarre. Anyhow, this thing screamed, it yelled. It's hard to put into words. So I looked across the gully and I could see him. Again it was low light but I could see the animal. I didn't know what it was. I'd never even heard of Bigfoot.

So anyhow, this animal is standing and it's a humanoid. Two legs, two arms, one head. Dark fur. And screaming. And it was close to me. It was probably only about 25 yards away. There was a deep gully between us. Anyway, this scream comes out and I'm frozen in my tracks scared. Well, the kid that I'm looking for comes running past me and he's running back to the campfire and he doesn't say a word to me. He just went straight past. So I start running. I'm running back now. I'm scared. Well what happened was there was the other kid who took off to help me following up behind me. I ran into him on the trail. I yelled to him. I slowed down. I told him to run, just run! And I kept running. He goes, Yeah, right, you guys are playing a game or whatever. Basically, we all three made it back and we sat around the campfire the rest of the night, frightened and scared. Well, I thought this was like a man in suit maybe.

Next morning, I said, we gotta get a hold of the rangers, the Mount Lassen Rangers, and we did, and I said, You know, I made it a point. I was one of the older people in the group. I said to the ranger, Hey, someone was out here. He coulda killed us. He could have had somebody get killed. And the ranger started whispering... 'It was Bigfoot.'

Source: Coast To Coast AM - November 25, 2016

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