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Monday, November 21, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Jesus Was An Alien Being -- Was I Abducted? -- Alien Encounters, Cattle Mutilations & the USAF

Jesus Was An Alien Being

In 1954, a London cabbie named George King received a telepathic communication from an extraterrestrial intelligence named Master Aetherius: “Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament.” This message, delivered from the planet Venus, was the first of hundreds of similar communications King allegedly received over his lifetime — some telepathically, some while in a trance. In 1955, King’s experiences inspired him to found the Aetherius Society, a religious group “dedicated to spreading, and acting upon, the teachings of advanced extraterrestrial intelligences.”

King soon anointed himself as “Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel,” and devoted his life to cultivating the unorthodox theology of his religion. One of the core the beliefs of the Aetherius Society is that extraterrestrial life exists, and that aliens are highly evolved spiritual beings known as “Cosmic Masters.”

Occasionally, these extraterrestrials will take human form and visit us on earth, spreading spiritual guidance across the globe. Examples of Cosmic Masters include Buddha, Sri Krishna, Confucius and Jesus. The spiritual work of the Aetherius Society revolves around five “Cosmic Missions,” which are rituals designed to cooperate with these Cosmic Masters, and heal the world through prayer. Read more at Jesus Was An Alien


Was I Abducted?

Holland, MI - 2000-10-01: I was in my bedroom. I was laying on my back in my bed about to go to sleep. I was thinking about my upcoming wedding in a month. I had been married once before to a man who was abusive and I thought would the man I was going to marry would be fine for a few years and then change? I then heard soft foot steps coming towards my room. I got scared because I realized I could not move at all, I was laying on my back. My dog was laying on his dog bed in front of my bed and I thought to myself I don't think my dog could move either. Then there was a typical gray alien standing beside my bed. It had the big dark slanted eyes, and a typical alien look with long arms and long skinny fingers. It pressed its finger into my chest. I was scared because I could not move. I prayed in my head asking God for help. Then the being said telepathically in my head "No more" and then it was no longer in my room with me. I laid there for a moment and realized I could move again. I was in shock and just rolled over and fell asleep not knowing what else to do. I did not tell anyone about it until later, I really have no proof just my memory of it.

Prior to this the fall of 1984 when I was in the 8th grade I was sleeping and remember seeing an owl outside my bedroom window. I lived in a trailer park and shared a room with my younger sister who was 1 year younger in Allendale, MI. I felt like I had an intimate encounter-it seemed to me like a boy I had a crush on came to me and we had intercourse. The next day I told a friend and how I felt like he came through the window and something happened. I remember after that I went swimming in the pool at the trailer park I lived in and looked at my belly like I thought maybe I was pregnant. Those are the only details I remember but after felt it may have been an alien abduction or encounter. Wonder if they were harvesting eggs or something? I only had 1 child in my life and was not able to have more. I am a K-5 Art teacher with a BS and a MA. I am an educated and normal person. I wonder if I had abductions I do not remember?? Or if these things were sleep paralysis or dreams. But to me they seemed very real, the story above to me was an alien-some people said sleep paralysis or a demon, but to me still it was an alien. - MUFON CMS


Bigfoot Sightings in South Texas

Of all the places Bigfoot could be, Bee County is the last place some people would expect, and that's coming from someone who claims to have seen it.

"I never thought Bigfoot would be in South Texas. But once you see it, once you hear it, you become a believer," Baldemar Galvan said.

Galvan, who runs the Facebook group Bee County Bigfoot Research, said he first saw Bigfoot in 2014 while working at a ranch about 10 miles north of Beeville. He described the creature as a black figure that stood on two legs and ran into the woods after a few seconds.

"I was baffled. In my mind I knew what it was, but I didn't want to believe it," Galvan said. "The only thing we could smell was this really musky smell, like a wet dog and rotten eggs."

Galvan started asking about Bigfoot sightings. His inquiries led him to Richard Rabe.

Rabe, a real estate agent, said he saw the creature around 2006, walking under a bridge. He described Bigfoot as 8 feet tall. Rabe said he only saw its head and shoulders as he drove past it. - 2 South Texas believers say they saw Bigfoot


Alien Encounters, Cattle Mutilations & the USAF

Alien encounter to start with. When 'Close Encounters' 1st came out my aunt was in town (me starting elementary school). I went with my aunt & grandparents to see it. Aunt Jan started acting all freaked out during the movie (I thought, what ever she was the hippie in our uptight family). After we got home Aunt Jan blurted out "those were the things talking to me from my bedroom TV as a kid on the farm". My grandparents did the parental "look" & finally my grandmother said "Jan we didn't own a single TV when we lived there, they came to your window". Wow???

Dad was driving from San Diego to Lubbock. is trip across White Sands (yes, you once could cross) he lost 4 hrs but had a full tank of gas on the other side. My dad & mom moved into the farm after my grandparents built their new house. My bedroom was once Aunt Jan's. I never saw anything.

Skip about 3 years, the southern high rolling plains of Texas (Canyon to under Lubbock) had a serious amount of cattle mutilations, many across the railroad tracks from our farm (home). Mom was a veterinarian & was called out by the sheriff to do necropsies. Zero foot prints, not even the bovines, zero blood on the ground (yet none in the animals), sex organs removed, no bleeding around said wounds. Laser surgery did NOT exist back then. The press called it satanic, but if, where was the blood & footprints? A full grown bull is an easy half ton plus, gallons of blood. Yet not a drop found. Taking a half ton bull to the ground isn't easy, even for the best cowboy.

So finally (maybe) part we (I) was told by the public school system that we were part of an intelligence test. Monitored at age 4. Starting in 6 grade USAF officers (my granddad was USAF, I know USAF) would show up 2x per year & give us the test. Only 14 of us. IQ tests we all topped 160. Outside of band or sports we were sequestered from classmates. Had our own classes. IQ tests are lame, at least their test was challenging. I went on to hospital finance, classmates went to MIT & Stanford. My oldest son joined USAF. I was proud...until they wanted my DNA & his disabled brother's DNA. Why? Oh another strange thing we are all immune to TB & Smallpox, & AIDS, per our local major med school. KS



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