Friday, November 25, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Abducted by Black-Eyed Kids -- Hell! -- Bizarre Encounters w/ Multiple Beings

Abducted by Black-Eyed Kids

"A military man, JD, went outside to have a smoke. He lives in the hills surrounding Deadwood, SD. He spotted two kids walking up a hill. They stopped and looked at JD, which spooked him. They were wearing hoodies and looked very strange. Their eyes were completely black. They started to come across the street walking directly towards JD, who introduced himself to them. They continued to advance towards him. Frightened, he retreated into the house. Inside, he asked his wife if she heard him talking to the kids. She never heard anything. They soon went to bed.

JD then noticed one of the boys outside his window. He rushed to bolt the front door, as one of them was there too. He never made it to the door. For whatever reason, he turned around and went back to the bedroom, where he saw the boy standing outside his window. He went to grab his pistol. He wanted to scare them off. He assumed they were wearing masks. One was at window and another was at door. He was extremely scared now.

The next thing he remembered was waking up in bed. His wife informed him that he had been gone for an hour and a half. “I did hear the door open and close. You weren't there,” she told him. JD had left the house at 4:00 am and didn't return home until 5:30 am."


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Bizarre Encounters w/ Multiple Beings

Prineville, OR: Ongoing encounters with single and multiple beings occurred with my friend during months in the later half of 2016. It came to my attention, yesterday, when he began to explain what he first called, "very strange dreams". First, he talked about an entity that can "change her appearance to another person and another and another and so on as much as she wants". He described the entity as an extraordinarily seductive female. He said, "She told me she won't have sex with me because I played hard-to-get."

Then he told me about the others. He explained that he suddenly noticed that he was above his own body looking down on it. He said it was levitated off his bed into the air while in a laying position. Fear shot through him because he was scared he was dead. This made him leap toward his body and he stated, "I was able to slip back inside." He made a motion with his hand like the appendage took an imaginary turn down a miniature slide. As, he explained the return to his body. Once there, he noticed several Human-type beings that surrounded him. They were examining his body but they would not look up and show him their faces. Somehow, they communicated without a voice that they were trying to help him. - MUFON CMS

********** Hell!

Writing in his new book Dying to Wake Up: A Doctor's Voyage into the Afterlife and the Wisdom He Brought Back Rajiv describes vividly the horrors of Satan’s home.

He says: “I heard screams of pain and anguish. I was drawn in, as if on a moving pavement, to the edge of a flaming canyon.

“Smoke filled my nostrils, and with it the sickening odour of burning flesh. I knew then that I was on the lip of hell.”

A horrified Rajiv said he saw “burning souls” and tried to run away.

But he then heard a voice criticizing him for his “materialistic life”.

Rajiv then wrote that he began to reflect on his life, saying: “I was like a robot. I’d trained myself to blunt my emotions. Worse, I had trained myself to think only of myself.”


Large 'Easter Bunnies'

Eric M wrote to tell of his weird Easter Bunny sighting:

“Quick story, when I was about 5/6 I woke up in the middle of the night, heard something and slowly walked down the hall and peeked around the corner, shit you not I saw a full size Easter Bunny like the ones in the mall standing in my porch doorway. We stared at each other for a few seconds and he closed the door backing away. I remember standing in the hall making sure I was awake, I went back to bed because my parents weren't the kind of people you wake up in the middle of the night, or dress up as the Easter Bunny! Told this story my whole life, everyone laughs, but I can still see him looking back at me.”

Source: Youtube Comments.

James P wrote of seeing a glowing Easter Bunny as a child:

“Me and my sister remember seeing a 6 foot tall glowing neon green Easter Bunny hopping through the yard on Easter at 5 AM when I was 5 years old. That was 25 years ago and she will still vouch.”

Source: Youtube Comments.

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