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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Creepy Black-Eyed Couple in Sheepheads Bay

Keith in Louisiana wrote in to tell of his bizarre sighting in December 2001:

“My story begins on the Long Island Expressway back in December of 2001. I drove a black sedan for a car service from Delaware to JFK airport in New York. I made the trip dozens of times and knew my way around the side streets on my route. One night around 12 AM I was on my way to JFK when a car exited the two lane expressway at a standstill. I talked to my passenger, let's call him Steve, and decided to take the side-streets. We jump off at Sheepshead Bay and started on our way. We began talking about how creepy the name Sheepshead Bay is when, from out of nowhere, a 1950s style Chevy Bel Air appeared. Steve jumped up and threw his arm over the side passenger seat and said, Dude, check out that car! We both looked out the driver's side window as we came to a stop at the red light where we were about to turn right.

As the car came to a stop, we continued to stare at the car. It was beautiful. Chrome trim. Red paint. Convertible. It was December. It had to be low 30s. There was a couple in the car both with 50s clothing on. It was a short guy with a brown derby hat and a brown coat. The woman had a scarf draped over her head like a hood. Big round framed glasses and a leather coat. My passenger yells out, Nice ride! Both of them turned slowly in unison and looked at us. Black eyes! Huge black eyes. We both froze. As the light turned green, while still looking at us, they began to make a left turn. We sat there stunned as the car drove north towards Manhattan.

While still a bit stunned, we make the right turn. Not a word was said between me and Steve. He slumps back in his seat and says, What the hell was that? I had no answer. We continued down the road where I saw that the expressway was open so we jumped on the ramp and we were back on course. As we entered the expressway I could see the blue lights of emergency vehicles in the distance behind us. We were on the expressway alone. No other traffic ahead or behind us. It looked like smooth sailing from here on out.

Steve, at that point, was still shaken and he climbed back to the front and hopped into the passenger seat. We started talking about what just happened when I could see the headlights approaching in the rear view mirror. First thing I thought was, I must have been speeding. I moved to the right lane and basically waited for the blue lights of a patrol car to come on so I could find a place to pull off since there was no shoulder to pull onto. All of a sudden the headlights moved to the right. I cant believe it I yelled, The car! It just jumped over the curb onto the sidewalk and began to pass us on the right. Guess who? The black eyed couple was back. They passed us at over a hundred miles per hour. We looked over and with telephone poles flashing between us, the driver looked at us - his eyes were glossy black and again, without taking his eyes off of us, he floats back onto the expressway and rockets out of sight. I say float because the car never actually jolted as they jumped the curb and passed us. It just kind of slid onto the sidewalk.

We continued down the expressway until we reached the airport. We didn't say a lot to each other as he got out of the car and grabbed his bag. Before he walked away he said Sheepshead Bay is a really creepy name for a neighborhood.

Source: Darkness Radio - November 7, 2016

Transcribed by JLB

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