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Monday, November 28, 2016

Another Bizarre Encounter in South Texas

Carlos in Texas called in to tell of his bizarre encounter:

“I'm in South Texas. When I say South Texas, I mean I'm about 5 minutes from the Mexican border. I'm from Mission, Texas. I was out one day riding my bike just for exercise and there's a lot of dirt roads between my mom's house and the river – the Rio Grande River that separates Mexico and the US. I was out in this dirt road and I had taken this route several times before and every time I had gone there was almost no traffic or anyone else around. So every time I go I'm always by myself. This experience happened in broad daylight. I was heading back.

I was still about 2 miles out from my mom's house. I looked over my shoulder and I saw a person who seemed to be dressed in white. I guess like sweatpants and maybe a they were jogging behind me. Jogging along the dirt road and it's a real rural road area. It's undeveloped. I panicked a little bit because I'm used to be out there absolutely alone with nobody else, so I pedaled a little faster and a few moments later, I turned over my shoulder again and I saw not a person, but I saw a... it looked like a wolf or an Alaskan husky. Almost as if the thing I had seen before transformed into some sort of dog that was completely white.

I pedaled faster, kept going turned around one last time and I saw nothing behind me anymore. But I still have that accelerated heart rate because of how real this experience was. And I was 100% sure that I had seen something or felt something following behind me out where I'm used to being completely alone...which was strange. I have gone back out there but I haven't had any experiences like that.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - November 25, 2016

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: Could it have be a skinwalker? Possibly another type of shapeshifting being? That area of south Texas has a host of bizarre sightings and encounters. Mission, TX is part of a conglomerate of smaller cities...including McAllen, TX. If you connect a line from McAllen, northwest to Laredo, northeast to San Antonio, then back southeast to Corpus Christi and southwest McAllen...then you will have the region I refer to as 'The Divergent Diamond.' I have had more strange events come from this particular area than any other place in the USA...Lon

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