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Monday, October 17, 2016

Were They MIB?

The eyewitness describes an odd event seen from the window in their living room:

“I had a bizarre occurrence happen to me when I was about 10 yrs old. It was sometime I think in the Summer of 2002 when my brother and his friend had gotten home one night and they were staying up late, so I wanted to hang out with them. We ended up downstairs in my living room with sleeping bags laying in front of the window which is pretty big and you can see all of the downtown area. Mind you, I live a small town and it's usually dead around 10 pm so I can't really recall the time this happened, but I know it was dark and quiet.

I remember laying there in the sleeping bag in front of our window and I could see all of downtown area. I look at my brother and his friend who had just woken up and there was something bizarre happening. A white car and a black car, both identical to each other, were making the rounds around the block in front of my house when we all see the black one come up to the stop light (there were no other cars in town or on sight) and the light turned green but the car just stayed at the light for some time. Then these two almost identical men got out from the back of the car and started walking in front of the car at the light. That's when it got really confusing and unnerving. My best way of describing to someone what I saw was if you were to look at the front of a car with its lights on from about a block away. Then the lights look like they pop off the front of the car and began to walk. They followed the two men off into the distance before turning out of sight.

Since then I’ve seen things happen that are just to out of the ordinary and I think it's because of that moment in my life. I had opened my eyes a little more to see what's possibly out there. I really don't know what happened that night and I would have liked to have snuck out and followed them, but I think we were all terrified and baffled to have witnessed something of that kind."

Source: M, Youtube Comments

Transcribed by JLB

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