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Monday, October 03, 2016

Possible 'Dogman' on the Virginia Peninsula

I recently received the following account:

I'd like to know your opinion on something I saw in July of this year. I was driving home during early evening from Williamsburg, VA on US64 west towards Richmond. About a mile past the Rt607 overpass, I saw something ahead of me on the right. The best I can describe it is that it looked like a huge black dog standing on it back legs off the shoulder at the edge of the woods. I slowed up because the person in front of me was looking at it as well. There is no doubt that it was there.

As I drove by it, the beast just disappeared. It was so quick, though I suppose it could have stepped back into the woods. I was in shock I believe. I flashed my headlights in order to draw attention to the driver (I believe it was a woman) to possibly pull over so I could ask her what she saw. She sped up and continued on her way. I know for a fact that others on the highway had seen it.

It looked to be at least 7 ft tall with a huge head, like that of a German Shepard. All the hair was black. The body was tapered at the torso, like what you see in the werewolf movies (I don't believe in werewolves BTW). I didn't really notice much below the waist since much of it was hidden by tall weeds. Can we talk? Marv

It took me a few days to get in touch with 'Marv' since he wasn't answering his telephone and I was leaving voice messages. He finally called me on Sunday night and asked what I thought this beast was. I explained the sightings in Pennsylvania and other details. Marv said that he had heard of Bigfoot activity on the peninsula before. He did add that he had contacted 2 other investigators online, though they didn't get back to him. He isn't from the area...and lives further west near Roanoke, VA. He also said that he attempted to get a photo of it while slowing down, but wasn't successful. He doubled back at the next turnoff and came back around...but he never caught another glimpse.

He insisted that the head looked like a German Shepard, not a wolf...but the body resembled werewolves seen in modern horror films. The ears were long and stood straight up...the snout and face were streamlined. He didn't notice a tail. This description is not similar to others we have received in Pennsylvania, since most witnesses state that the creatures in their encounters are more wolf-like. This particular creature reminds me more of the 'dogman' seen in the upper midwest. Lon

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