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Monday, October 03, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'Heads that looked like pickaxes...' -- War Dept. Sought Tesla's 'Death Ray' -- Hovering Being at Bedroom Window

'Heads that looked like pickaxes...'

Dave from central Iowa called in to tell of his alien encounter:

“When I was a little kid there were these... I don't know if this was a dream or what but it was constant.. constantly happening to me. These creatures would come into my room and I would refer to them as babies. They were tiny little 3 foot tall creatures with heads that looked like pickaxes. Totally black colored... like night black. The thing that got to me was that some of them had paper sacks with large big black eyes. And like a few years ago I saw that book, the cover of a book by I think Whitley Streiber. (Art Bell says 'Communion' and then asks if they looked like the alien on the cover of the book). Vaguely, yes. I don't know if that's what it was but it scared the heck out of me. I don't know if that's what it was but these things would come into my room at night and surround me and they made this weird noise. It was kind of like a ... (makes a breath-through-teeth noise, the type of sound a person makes when they are seething with anger) but it was all out of synch. Like there was a lot of them doing it. It was kind of like a weird breathing through your teeth noise. Some of it sounded like it was coming out of an electronic box or something. It was really... I only told my parents and one friend about it. It was like when I was 2 or 3 years old. I can remember way back then it was it always at this one old house that we lived at. It's never happened after that. It was something else, I guess. (Bell asks if he thinks they did something to him) Gosh, I don't know other than the fact that it was too intense to have been a dream. I mean, maybe it was. I don't know, little kids have wild imaginations, (Bell asks if he told his parents.) I think they just shrugged it off as, you know, dumb little kid. Whatever. I used to wake up on the floor, under the bed. I don't remember getting there but heck if I know. Guess I'll never know what it was. After I read Streiber's books and stuff, I tried to think of any weird, you know, missing time type of thing or anything like that and I can't think of anything that's happened since then so it might have just been a type of dream thing or something. Who knows? I'm 23 right now. Maybe I'm better off never finding out.”

Source: Coast to Coast - October 21, 1997

Transcribed by JLB


FBI wanted Tesla’s ‘death ray’ invention for War Dept, documents show

The FBI has finally published its cache of files relating to Nikola Tesla, 73 years after “two truckloads” of his property were seized by the US government following the renowned inventor’s death.

The declassified documents have been released under the Freedom of Information Act and revealed the FBI and government’s serious interest in the death ray - a particle beam weapon which Tesla claimed to have invented.

The long-awaited release also contains information on Tesla’s ball lightning experiments and an FBI plot to arrest a family member who they believed was trying to get his hands on Tesla’s treasure trove of documents.

Serbian-born Tesla is most famous for designing the AC electricity supply system. He was also known for his foresight, predicting the smartphone and video calling. Read more at FBI wanted Tesla’s ‘death ray’ invention for War Dept, documents show


Hovering Being at Bedroom Window

Miami Gardens, FL - 1972-07-00: I was 17, my bedroom was on the 2nd floor, windows were 12 feet off the ground. I got up to use the bathroom around 2 am. Something made me look at my window, being was hovering there outside, where no human could have been. Silver grey, large black orb eye. Communicated to me, (without speaking), that I should not fear him. I was not afraid, we stared at each other for about 1+2 minutes, no other contact was attempted. I felt calm but sure of what I saw. Left to the restroom, entity was gone when I came back. For 43 years I have never questioned what I saw. Always hoped to see something again, but never have. I felt peace and understanding, if that makes any sense. - MUFON CMS


Top Murderous Mammals...Not Humans

Which mammal is most likely to be murdered by its own kind? It’s certainly not humans—not even close. Nor is it a top predator like the grey wolf or lion, although those at least are #11 and #9 in the league table of murdery mammals. No, according to a study led by José María Gómez from the University of Granada, the top spot goes to… the meerkat. These endearing black-masked creatures might be famous for their cooperative ways, but they kill each other at a rate that makes man’s inhumanity to man look meek. Almost one in five meerkats, mostly youngsters, lose their lives at the paws and jaws of their peers.

Gómez’s study is the first thorough survey of violence in the mammal world, collating data on more than a thousand species. It clearly shows that we humans are not alone in our capacity to kill each other. Our closest relatives, the chimpanzees, have been known to wage brutal war, but even apparently peaceful creatures take each other’s lives. When ranked according to their rates of lethal violence, ground squirrels, wild horses, gazelle, and deer all feature in the top 50. So do long-tailed chinchillas, which kill each other more frequently than tigers and bears do.

Gómez’s team predicted that when our species arose, around 2 percent of us (1 in 50) would have been murdered by other people.

First, he and his team compiled everything they could find on causes of death for various mammals, accumulating some 3,000 studies over two years. Their work revealed that lethal violence aimed at others from the same species is rare but widespread. It exists in almost 40 percent of the 1,024 mammal species that the team surveyed, and varies from group to group. Contrary to Watership Down, rabbits rarely kill each either. Neither do bats or whales. As you might expect, carnivores like lions, tigers, and bears, do so more frequently. But “it was striking that lethal violence wasn’t concentrated in those groups,” says Gómez.

The primates—the order that includes us, apes, monkeys, and lemurs—seem to be especially violent. While just 0.3 percent of mammal deaths are caused by members of the same species, that rate rose to 2.3 percent in the common ancestor of primates, and dropped slightly to 1.8 percent in the ancestor of great apes. That’s the lethal legacy that humanity inherited. Read more at Humans: Unusually Murderous Mammals, Typically Murderous Primates


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