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Weekend 2 Cents: 'I encountered an unknown intelligent creature' -- Arcane Radio...UFO / Paranormal Investigator & Experiencer Anna Manalo -- Object Skipping Stars Spooks Campers

'I encountered an unknown intelligent creature'

Fernandina Beach, FL - 2006-10-15: I encountered an unknown intelligent creature. I pulled into my driveway in Fernandina Beach, FL around 9pm in the evening of Sept 2006. It was very dark out with no cars or street lights near by. When I stopped my car and turned it off...I then opened my door and stood up to exit the vehicle. As I stood up I saw something that is difficult to describe. With the car door still open I saw what looked like some kind of cloaked creature walking around the corner of the house from the backyard. It was hard to see. It looked like the shadow of a human sized creature. It was totally black and moved like a person walking upright. It blocked out what was behind it and I could really only see the distortion it caused. The distortion had wavy edges as if it was surrounded by energy. I could make out it's head and shoulders but only in vague form. The creature took several steps and at the instant that I thought to myself "What is that?" It stopped dead in it's tracks and appeared to look right at me. At this time I was scared to death that this creature had noticed me and was looking right at me. After a few seconds of looking at each other the creature turned and walked back around behind the house and I never saw it again. The entire encounter lasted about 20 seconds. When I saw this I thought for many years it was a ghost or demon as my grandmother often told stories of seeing ghosts. Only recently have I begun to think it was an intelligent creature with a technology that was inexplicable. After the encounter I got back into my car and drove to my roommate's work and waited for him to get off work and come home with me. This was the most terrifying experience I've ever had. This is the 2nd unknown encounter I've had. I reported on MUFON a UFO sighting I had around 1996. For years I believed that encounters like these were just crazy people. I have been forced over the years to believe that we are clearly alone and not the smartest or most technologically advance creatures on this planet and beyond. - MUFON CMS


This week we welcome UFO / paranormal investigator & experiencer Anna Manalo to Arcane Radio.

Anna Maria Elisa Manalo is a freelance screenwriter, amateur travel photographer, paranormal researcher and former field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network during the 2008 UFO flap in Bucks County, PA and later as a STAR team dispatcher. Born and raised in a small suburb outside of Manila, Philippines, she encountered a very intense haunting both by spirits and demons. These events lasted for several years, contributing to her interest in the paranormal. Family members also witnessed cryptids and a UFO (a close encounter of the second kind) which increased her interest.

She starred under the name “Elisa Simon” in episode two of the pilot Discovery Channel’s “UFO’s Over Earth” in 2008 and has been a guest in Rick Scouler’s Topic: UFO radio show. She has been a school counselor for over 20 years.

Elisa’s first screenplay, “The Tulpa Effect” ranked #6 in the TOP TEN horror/thriller category of Script Vamp’s Dream Quest Screenplay Competition of 2012. The same screenplay was also a Quarter Finalist at the 2011 Page International Screenwriting Awards of 2011 and earned Third Round Finalist at AAA Screenwriting contest in the same year. This screenplay has been retitled “FROM WITHIN ME”.

Elisa recently became a October/December Finalist at The Writers’ Place Screenplay Competition for her science fiction horror script, “Anomaly“.

In 2013, Fade-In Awards placed her science fiction action adventure script, “Uncharted Darkness” as a Quarter Finalist. “Under Tango Road“, a supernatural suspense thriller received a Creative World Awards judge’s critique in the “Strongly Consider” category for its “powerful use of subtext” and “effective handling of difficult subject matter.”

A trained school counselor by day, Anna’s stories are based on her extensive life experiences in the realm of the paranormal both locally and abroad, as well as from interviews garnered as a former MUFON field investigator.

A culinary and holistic healing enthusiast, Elisa lives with her husband and two dogs, Fox Mulder and Rosanna Isabella in a small cozy hideaway in the hills of Pennsylvania.

This event is listed at Arcane Radio Presents: Anna Manalo - UFO / Paranormal Investigator & Experiencer


Object Skipping Stars Spooks Campers

Anonymous caller:

“I want to put out a general inquiry and to put it into the form of a question for yourself, if anybody out there has ever had a similar sighting to what myself and the family had on a vacation in North Lake Tahoe about 22 years ago. We were all out on the porch of a cabin that my parents had rented. And since there aren't a lot of lights in North Tahoe, there wasn't a lot of glare you could see. Blank night. Blanket of stars. Very clear view and there was, doing what would be a dot to dot course between the various stars just in a very methodical way that indicated intelligence, an object. (Art Bell asks if it was moving from star to star) From one star to the next but we're talking about what had to be enormous distances. The whole family saw it. It was not one person that saw it. (Bell chimes in, suggesting the caller was unable to tell the distance). When you are talking about millions of light years then depth perception could be a problem but I don't see how anyone, since we were a relatively anonymous group on the back porch of this cabin, how anyone would have been able to pull off some sort of a stunt, whether it's just having an object that is in some sort of a lower elevation.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - July 28, 1997

Transcribed by Jamie Brian



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