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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Unknown Activity in Mingo County, WV

I recently received the following account:

I moved to Mingo County, West Virginia 3 months ago. I will say that I don't live in a town - I kind of like to live quietly and away from people. That's why I'm writing you after I found your website.

My property is surrounded by forest and a variety of wildlife, which I enjoy. But I've been experiencing something quite unusual the past several weeks. I'm hoping you can tell me what's going on.

I first noticed rocks and pebbles on my patio table. I would removed them, but the next day there were more. This occurred 3 times on consecutive nights, so I decided to place a motion detection cam directed towards the table.

Nothing happened for a few days, but then one morning there were about 20 baseball sized rocks on the table. I immediately checked the cam, but the only thing that triggered it was a raccoon that made a visit. It did look like the rocks were on the table by that time (3:35am).

I still set up the cam, but nothing triggers it other than a few small animals - but the rocks continue to show up.

This is not the only unusual activity I am having - and I'm wondering if there is a connection with the rocks on the table.

I was sitting on the patio one evening, trying to read. But I was hearing odd noises coming from the woods, in the direction of a stand of huckleberry bushes. I figured it was just small animals or birds, but then it started to sound like giggling children. I watched for a while until it became too dark. But I was curious, so I continued to listen.

After about an hour, I suppose it was 9:30pm or so, I witnessed 4 orbs quickly rising from the bushes and soar into the woods. The orbs were bright white and about the 10" in diameter - it was quite a sight and I was amazed. I stayed outside for another hour, but didn't notice anything else.

If you could contact me, I'd like to discuss this with you. JK

NOTE: I received this account last week and I finally got in contact with the witness last night. The witness is an elderly man, quite open-minded but concerned about his privacy.

As far as the activity, I really have no explanation for him. The rocks showing up on the table reminds me of other reported Bigfoot activity. The fact that nothing was captured on the cam is a bit strange. I suppose it possible that the cam was malfunctioning. I mentioned this to the witness...and he had thought early on that this may be the case.

The orbs are another matter. This doesn't seem to be spirit energy...simple because the orbs seemed to coordinate the movement together. Could these have been supernatural beings...well, that's the big question.

The witness has decided to set up other motion detection cams. If he captures any strange activity, he promises to contact me. Lon

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