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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Followed by a Black-Eyed Kid...A Weekend of Terror

The following account was forwarded by cryptid / paranormal / UFO investigator & researcher Dennis Carroll...who has been a guest on Arcane Radio:

Mr. Carroll - My friend recently saw you on television and she suggested I get in touch with you, about my experience...

I replied to the email and set up a meeting with this Lady, in a diner, a few miles from town. She was very adamant about not meeting anywhere in the downtown area.

Here in her own words, is her very strange story:

I had met with a couple of my girlfriends for a quick late dinner at a restaurant facing Main Street downtown. I had parked about three blocks further away down Main Street, as this was the only parking place available at that time of the day.

We had chatted awhile after dinner and then parted ways. I was alone on the walk back to my car, but there was the usual amount of people around. It was almost twilight, but still very light and it was very humid and hot.

As I walked along, I began to get the uneasy feeling of someone staring at me. I glanced back over my shoulder and noticed this 14 or 15 year old kid in dirty clothes and a equally soiled hoodie. He was a very pale looking boy and he was following very close behind me. I began to experience a strange and nagging fear. All my life I have been something of a tom-boy and felt that I have and could handle myself in many situations, but what I felt that day, went right to my core.

As I walked along, I had to wonder why someone, even a kid, would be wearing a hoodie on a 99+ temperature day. I looked at him again and our eyes locked. The shock was like a bucket of cold water being thrown on me. His eyes were completely, eerily, empty and black. No white at all showing. At this point I was almost in a panic. I hate to say it, but I was ready to run. Just then, I got even with another restaurant and ducked quickly inside. I nervously stood by the window and waited and watched to see him pass...but he never did. A few moments later, after feeling a little better, being in the company of others in that cafe, I went back outside and when I couldn't see the kid anywhere, I almost ran the rest of the way to my car.

This happened on a Friday. The nagging fear stayed with me for the rest of that weekend. I was very nervous, which isn't like me at all. I'm usually a well-grounded and out going person, but for the next two days, I cut myself off from almost everyone. All I wanted to do was to stay behind locked doors until the fear went away. I jumped at every sound. I'm glad no one knocked on my door that weekend or I probably would have freaked out. I routinely checked my windows and locked doors and didn't really get any sleep at all and when I did, I had nightmares of seeing those eyes.

Thankfully the uneasy feeling had finally gone away by Monday, after I went back to work. A week or so later I told my friend, the one who saw you on TV, about what happened and she said it sounded like a black-eyed kid, which until then, I'd never heard of. I know what I saw was nothing in the way of makeup of any kind. But most of all the fear that took hold of me was something so unnatural, that the thought of it still bothers me and I know it will be a while yet, before I'm able to go back down town...

This witness seemed very practical and very matter of fact in what she says she saw. She was very sincere and still seemed to exhibit some of the fear she had experienced. She was also very assertive of retaining her anonymity, which I assured her would be no problem and I also tried to help her in dealing with the aftermath of her experience.

What I find very interesting about this sighting, is that it wasn't on a foggy night in a creepy part of town, but in daylight on a busy city street. This encounter definitely has the unnatural element, of the unexplained, written all over it.

Dennis W. Carroll - denniswcarroll.com ©

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