Thursday, September 15, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Lost Time in East Texas -- 'Charlie, Charlie' Returns -- Mysterious Illness Spreads in Alabama School

Lost Time in East Texas

Frida in Texas called in to tell of her weird missing time experience:

“I want to tell you a story about something that happened to me and my husband about 30 years ago. I'm 73 right now. It happened to me when I was in my 40s. We were bass fishermen and we fished in tournaments. On this particular day in question, we fished in a tournament on Lake O' the Pines in east Texas. We won a prize and our best-friends happened to come up there at the weigh in and they said Hi to us and everything. They said, why don't you give us the fish and come over to our house after you drop your boat off and eat dinner with us. She said, I'll cook it and you won't have to. So they look at their watch and they said, well, you'll be at our house at about 5 o'clock so it'll be ready. And so they knew where we lived and how long it took, as many trips as we made back and forth. So they were correct about the time.

We went home and dropped the boat off, changed clothes real quick, fed the dogs, got back in the car, headed to their house... Our friends lived about 45 minutes away from us around Lake Murvaul around Carthage, Texas. So we were headed there and we got about five miles into our trip and the last thing that I remember was stopping at a red light in this little town about 9 miles from our house. Then, the next thing that I remember was crossing the bridge at Lake Murvaul, turning down a little road where my friends lived and driving up into their driveway. They come running out, all of a sudden. Where in the world have you all been? My god, the fish is cold. We were so worried about you. We said, Well, we came straight here. And they said, You couldn't have. I said, We did. You had to have stopped somewhere. She said, Frida, do you know what time it is? I said, No, I left my watch at the house. She said, Frida, it's 6:30. And so I sat back a minute. I looked at my husband and he looked at me. We didn't say anything for about a minute and then he, a non-believer in anything paranormal, popped up and said, You know, folks, I think we may have been abducted by aliens. I don't know what to think. I've wondered every day of my life ever since it happened. If they did something to me, put something in me... What else could it have been?”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - August 19, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


The curse of 'Charlie Charlie' strikes again

These Mexican teenagers had to be exorcised after they tried to summon a ghost using the ouija board-inspired 'Charlie Charlie' challenge.

In disturbing video footage filmed in Iquitos, Peru, one of the girls jumps forward and tries to grapple with another teenager, before being restrained by police.

Church workers shouted bible verses at the girls as they lay writhing on the concrete floor.

Preaches reportedly spent five hours trying to exorcise the girls after they were 'possessed by demons'.

When this failed, they were sent away for medical treatment.

The so-called 'Charlie Charlie Challenge' is a supernatural ritual that supposedly makes it possible to contact a ghost. Read more at


Mysterious illness spreads in Alabama school

In an ABC 33/40 news exclusive report, a mysterious illness spread like wildfire in a Lamar County school.

The illness ending a large number of students home sick.

Right now, the cause of the illness is yet to be determined. Roughly 120 students were out at South Lamar today. The school system contacted the state health department.

An environmental health specialist will be at the school Thursday to investigate what caused the students to get sick.

On Wednesday afternoon, crews were at the school cleaning the building and school buses thoroughly.

Several parents posted about the mysterious illness on Facebook. Some say they noticed their children getting sick Tuesday night, and that several households got hit at once. Many agree, they have never seen anything like this.

Some question whether there was food contamination.

Superintedent Garth Moss tells ABC 33/40, some students got sick who ate in the cafeteria. Other students got sick who didn't set foot in the cafeteria.

ABC 33/40 also spoke by phone with Jenny Long, a registered nurse with the Tuscaloosa County Health Department. Long says right now, they don't know what they're dealing with. And, that it's too early to tell whether other areas around Lamar County could be impacted.

Moss sent a statement to parents, saying if they are not comfortable with sending their child to school tomorrow, the absence will be excused. - Mysterious illness spreads in Lamar County school



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