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Monday, September 05, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Dinner Among Vampires -- Man Threatened by Federals Over Extraterrestrials -- More Creepy Clowns

Dinner Among Vampires

Jerry in Sacramento, California called in to tell of his vampire experience:

“I met this girl on the internet. I invited her down to Sacramento to have some dinner. We were seated at this small round table, kind of facing each other. And all of a sudden this arm reached over my shoulder to grab my water glass. This guy's arm was so white, it looked like it had all the blood drained out of it. I mean, it was shocking. I could tell by the look on her face that she could see this guy that it was something. And so when he walked around to the other side to get her water glass, I could see this guy. It wasn't just he looked pale, it looked like he was dead. Just no... It looked like he was drained totally of his blood. And so kind after he walked away, we said, whoa, did you see that? We were kind of talking about it like that. And so we got talking about other things and while we were eating our dinner, the maître d that had seated us, was leaning against the bar about 15 feet away from me waiting for a customer to come in and he didn't know I was looking at him, I don't think. From the side, all of a sudden, he just kind of raised his lips. I was making a sound but he didn't do that. He just kinda raised his lips just for a second and I clearly saw fangs. And then maybe half a minute, 45 seconds later, he saw a customer come in the door and he smiled to greet him and clearly there was no fangs there. I just thought that was.... I know what I saw. I clearly saw fangs on him and then the next second they weren't. Couple that with the guy that looked like he had all of his blood drained out of him. That was kind of scary. We were a little uneasy walking back that night.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - May 7, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Man Threatened by Federals Over Extraterrestrials

On August 31 a federal agent came to my current residing address in Farmington Hills in Oakland County, MI. I was asked if my name was Justin M. and I answered yes. I was then asked what I was doing between the hours of 8pm and 3pm on the 30th of August. I answered I had spent the night with my girlfriend and watched videos online. He then asked me what is my knowledge of extraterrestrials? I answered I have been researching conspiracy theories about other life then human beings and I believed in extraterrestrials. I was then basically told that any further research into the topics of extraterrestrials, I would be arrested and put in federal prison. The man then walked away and got in his jeep (black cruiser with a x through the license plate and drove away) and drove away. - MUFON CMS


Creepy Clowns Luring Kids With Candy

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Winston-Salem police say someone in a clown costume tried to lure kids into the woods Sunday night.

The incident happened in the 1200 block of East 29th Street off Hwy. 52 about 8:30 p.m.

The "clown" was described as wearing white overalls, white gloves, red shoes with red bushy hair, a white face and a red nose.

The suspect allegedly tried to lure the kids with treats. The suspect was reportedly seen by two children and heard, but not seen, by one adult. The suspect fled the area when officers arrived.

A second clown sighting happened just after midnight in the 1600 block of Hope Lane, two miles from the first sighting. Officers attempted to locate the subject but were unsuccessful.

Both spots where clowns were reported are in very residential areas near parks/woods. - Clown tries to lure kids in Winston-Salem, two clown sightings reported


Huge Maine snakeskin actually from an anaconda

A mysterious snakeskin found in Maine recently has turned out to be from a very large snake indeed.

Discovered back in August by a member of the public, the 12ft-long snakeskin has intensified rumors that a giant snake called Wessie has been lurking in the woods around the city of Westbrook, Maine.

Now following an official investigation, local authorities have revealed that the snakeskin is actually that of an anaconda - a particularly large snake species most commonly found in the tropical rainforests of South America.

Whether the skin was actually shed by a snake living wild in the area or if it was placed there by someone as a prank however continues to remain a topic of much debate.

"It could be a hoax, I don’t know. It’s certainly interesting," said Westbrook Police Captain Sean Lally.

"I don’t know what to think at this point. Now that the skin has been identified, it’s going to take it to a different level - people are going to be even more interested than they already are."

But if there really is an anaconda on the loose in Maine, how did it get there ?

"If it’s indeed an anaconda, probably someone didn’t want it anymore and let it go because it was big and required large food prey items," said wildlife biologist Derek Yorks.

"You’d have to be buying this thing rabbits or chickens."

"The fact that police officers saw a large snake makes me think there is some big snake out there, but whether that snake matches up with the skin they found, no one knows." - Huge Maine snakeskin actually from an anaconda


Alien Interpreters: How Linguists Would Talk to Extraterrestrials

In the upcoming sci-fi drama "Arrival," several mysterious spacecraft touch down around the planet, and humanity is faced with how to approach—and eventually communicate—with these extraterrestrial visitors.

In the film, a team of experts is assembled to investigate, and among the chosen individuals is a linguist, played by actress Amy Adams. Though the story is rooted in science fiction, it does tackle a very real challenge: How do you communicate with someone—or how do you learn that individual's language—when you have no intermediary language in common?

The film is based on "Story of Your Life," a short story by Ted Chiang. It taps into the common science-fiction theme of alien tongues; not only the communication barrier they might present, but the unusual ways they could differ from human language. "There's a long tradition of science fiction that deals with language and communication," Chiang told Live Science in an email.

And in both the short story and film, linguists play a key role in bridging the gap between humans and aliens—something that isn't entirely farfetched, according to Daniel Everett, a linguist at Bentley University in Massachusetts. "Linguists who've had extensive field experience can do this. That's what they do," Everett told Live Science. Read more at Alien Interpreters: How Linguists Would Talk to Extraterrestrials



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