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Monday, August 01, 2016

Wolfmen & Bigfoot Encounters on Centre County, PA Property

I received the following account on Saturday. It seems to be an interesting location:

Hello Mr. Strickler,

I live in Clarence, Pennsylvania with my husband, my grandmother and my 3 kids. My son is 14 and has had two sightings of what he describes as a "wolf-man" type creature in our front yard on two separate occasions. He is the only one who has seen this creature. The first sighting was on September 27, 2015 when there was a full moon. It was around 7:30 a.m. and he had just woke up and he got up to looked out his bedroom window. It was damp on his bedroom window because of the dew. He could see two paw-prints on his window. He said it looked just a dogs print but A LOT bigger! You could also see where the animal had placed it's snout up against his window because you could see drip marks from it's snout running down the window. As if it were standing there looking with it's face pressed up against the window looking in. As he is looking out the window he sees a blur of movement. It was grey and white in color. The creature had a wolf-shaped head and legs that looked like a dog's legs. The creature jumped over our Mahindra farm tractor and turned at the same time in mid-air and then ran or flew into the woods. He says he could see a print in the dirt in front of his window. It was just one single print. He took my husband out to show him the print, but when they got out there the print was mysteriously gone? I don't know how that could happen?

The second sighting he had was on February 22, 2016 during a full moon as well! In the middle of the night he heard growling outside his bedroom window near our wood pile in the driveway. He says it growled on and off for about 15 minutes or so. He finally got up the nerve to look out his window and he saw the creature standing in our front yard by our strawberry patch. He says it was standing upright and looking up into the woods. It had the same type of body as the first creature. He couldn't really see what color this creature was. He said they stood between 7-8 feet tall. He describes the creature as being completely covered in fur and the first creature was white and grey in color. The second creature he really couldn't tell what color it was because it was too dark. He said the first creature had a wolf-like face with pointed ears and a long snout. The second creature he never got to see it's face because it kept it's back to him the whole time. He said they had long arms and they were muscular. It's back legs looked very muscular as well. He said he couldn't see any skin at all. The creatures were completely covered in fur.

My son said he wasn't scared the first time he saw it, but the second time he saw the creature he was really scared. He says the second creature quit growling once he opened his curtain and looked out the window, as if the creature knew he was watching it. It never turned around to look at him though.

My son and my grandmother have also seen Bigfoot in our woods. He has seen it once about 3-4 years ago. My grandmother has also seen it once 3-4 years ago. Both sightings were during the day. My son said when he saw it it was over by our burn pit walking up into the woods. He estimated its height to be about 7-8 ft. tall. My grandmother saw it up in the woods sitting on a tree stump. It was looking over at my dad's house. My dad was outside working in his yard making noise. She said it sat there for a good ten minutes or so until my dad quit making noise. She said it then got up and slowly walked up to an old mine shaft up here in the woods. She estimates the height to be about 9 ft. tall. The creature was very muscular and had very broad shoulders. She said it had skin on the face she could see. The rest of the body was completely covered in greenish colored hair. Like mossy colored. It had a light brown colored face. She said it had a human-like face. She is pretty sure it was a male. She could not see breasts. She says it was very intently watching what my dad was doing next door at his property. She said she was not afraid of it. She says she feels it was interested in what my dad was doing.

Years and years ago my other grandmother and great-grandmother lived on this property in an old farmhouse. They both have passed on now. They both said they had seen Bigfoot many times up here in these woods. My grandmother used to leave eggs out for it and it would leave her apples and berries in return. She even invited it into the house to have coffee LOL!! It would also leave her different leaves as well.

Thanks for your time. RK

NOTE: I'm keeping the names and specific location confidential. The Pennsylvania Lycan Investigations team will be in the following counties next week (Aug 8-13) following up on reports - Blair, Clearfield, Centre and Cambria. Any follow-up information will be noted here. Lon

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