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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Vanishing Black-Eyed Man

I recently received the following account from a reader:

This happened in the year 2001. I was 19 years old and living with my mom and two aunts in Miami, Florida. On this particular evening I felt like staying home and reading a book but my mom came up with the idea to go to the beach. I said no but she insisted a lot, I even told her we don't have clean towels to take and she said "No problem, we'll just take a sheet, it's only for a short time..."

So my mom, two aunts and me got in the car and on the way to Miami Beach we stopped at a gas station. While they were filling the tank this uneasy feeling came over me and I felt like getting off the car and walking home, but I thought there's no reason to feel like this, it's only a trip to the beach

When we got to the beach it was around 7:00 pm and we were the only people there. I put the sheet on the sand with our stuff and since only one of my aunts knows how to swim, the four of us stayed close together by the shore. While we stood there with the water barely reaching our waists this man appears out of nowhere, black hair, dark, kind of dark olive skin and wearing black shorts. He didn't wear any kind of jewelry or a chain. Besides feeling uncomfortable, immediately my first thought was that he must have walked a lot because I couldn't see his car anywhere.

Then I took a look at his face and his eyes were totally black. I could not see the white part. I remember I thought "What the hell is wrong with his eyes?" Then he said in a very angry tone "Don't any of you know how to swim? Go into the water!" He kept his distance but after he said that when I looked at him again I didn't feel I was looking at a man. It was the same feeling you get when you visit the zoo and see a wolf or predator close. Two of my aunts just turned around and avoided to look at him, we stayed right where we were without moving and my mom put her arms around me and one of my aunts. I felt that he wanted us to go into the water for us to have an accident or something bad. After that I saw him go into the water very quickly and come out. I only turned around probably less than a minute and he was gone. Now from the place I was I could see a long distance all over the beach but he was nowhere to be seen. Since the man talked to us we were silent but at that moment one of my aunts told me "He disappeared right?" I said yes and picked up our stuff as quickly as I could, got into the car and we left. We were very tense and my aunt told me "What the hell was that guy?" I said "I don't know but it was bad."

We were going obviously fast on the highway when all of a sudden I see a tow truck stopped in front of us without any signs or lights and my aunt started to brake very slowly (she had an old car). I could see that truck closer and closer till we finally stopped right before hitting it. Thankfully after that we made it home safe but when we got home I told my mother "I didn't feel like going to the beach but you insisted so much that I went. Something very bad could've happened today."

I'm so glad that it's been 15 years and I never saw that creepy being again. Carmen

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