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Monday, August 15, 2016

The Black Eyed Man in the Park

Cynthia in Las Vegas wrote in to tell of her strange black eyed man encounter:

“Here's my story. This happened to my husband and I about 5 or 6 years ago. We lived in the San Diego area and we frequently visited beautiful Balboa Park for exercise and recreation. One day we decided to take a walk. The weather was wonderful being in mid-summer afternoon around 3:00 PM. My husband and I had both had experiences with the paranormal, seeing and hearing ghosts. But on this particular day we experienced something different that we could not explain.

On our way back home from our walk, heading towards my car, my husband was testing himself by getting a sense of people's energy, something that he does from time to time naturally. Everyone we passed had some sort of energy, whether it felt good or bad, strong or weak. It was very busy in the park so it was great practice for him but there was one particular guy in one particular area of the park that stood out from everyone else. There were strange things about this guy and the surroundings. Since the park was very busy that day there usually would be people everywhere, even in this part of the park where the guy was, which was close to the parking lot. Cars should have been circling around with people walking here and there but there was no one but me, my husband and this guy. This was something I had noticed later after we realized what we had experienced.

Anyway, back to the guy. We saw him slowly walking along the sidewalk which was adjacent to the parking lot. He appeared to be a homeless man but there was something off about him. As we got a little closer to him, I whispered to my husband, what do you sense from this guy? As soon as I said that, the guy stopped and turned around and locked eyes with us. It was an eerie feeling as I made eye contact. My husband turned and whispered, I don't sense or feel anything. Nothing. I tried to rationalize the situation but it became more clear that this guy was not from this world. To describe him, he was very tall. About 6'8 or 7 feet tall. My husband is 6'1 and this guy made him look very short. We was wearing a very strange outfit like a dark brown burlap sack kind of jacket that was wrapped around him. His pants were dark brown and he had weird brown shoes. He looked very out of place and once I locked eyes with him, his face looked as what I would describe as a very bad human face replica. Like it was manufactured or like the look of actors who put on makeup to change their face or identity. He just did not look real. His eyes scared me the most. They looked very dark with no white parts. His mouth was very small and his nose was not defined. It just looked like a hole with no strong features. He had a thin build but abnormally thin.

As we got closer to the car, which was about 50 feet or more away, I continued to look back at him. And I would tell my husband, the guys eyes were still locked on us and he didn't move an inch. My husband didn't make too much eye contact with him. He just wanted to get to the car. It was then that I noticed, there were no other people around which was too odd, as busy as that park was that day. I felt very weird and excited at the same time. I was thinking maybe this guy could be an alien or a ghost. Whatever he was he was definitely not normal. We got into our car and I did my best to stay focused on him. I could still see him until I turned around for a second to put my seat belt on. Once I did this, I turned back behind me again to see if the guy was still there but he was gone. My husband hurried to turn on the car and drove off to see if we could catch him around the corner or down the street. This guy was nowhere in sight. As slow as he was walking during the first time we encountered him, we should have technically seen him walking or jogging from the area. It was like he disappeared into thin air.

I tried to analyze a scenario that maybe he was quick and jumped into a car but if that's the case why would he hide from us? Why would he stop and stare at us? He seemed, to us, that he was surprised that we noticed him. I think he was trying to observe humans and had to disguise himself as someone most people don't pay attention to or just ignore but he did a horrible job because we saw him. I'm not sure if this guy was human, an angel or a ghost but I do know he was out of the norm. After this experience we never saw this guy or anyone that looked like him ever again at the park.”

Source: Darkness Radio - August 17, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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