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Monday, August 08, 2016

Strange Happenings: 'The Voice'

The following anecdote was forwarded by Chris in June 2009:

I wanted to tell these three stories so here they are. I will tell them in order so as to keep a continuity between the stories. The first incident happened about 3 weeks ago. The whole family was asleep and my son and his cousins had fallen asleep in the bedroom while playing the game cube. I fell asleep in the living room on the floor. I remember waking up and being fully awake. I could not see the clock so I did not know the time but it was late at night and past 1:00am because I had fallen asleep at about that time after checking on the children.

I was fully awake and noticed that a light was coming in from the kitchen window. I didn’t think anything was amiss at first until I realized the light was becoming brighter and was an intense shade of blue. It was then a spinning tetrahedron (pyramid shaped) entered in through the window. It passed right through the window. It was spinning very fast and was about the size of a Rubik’s cube, that I am sure we all have played with at one time. I know it was blue and was also emitting a blue light but I remember I could not see the light emanating from the pyramid but it seemed to be the source, sort of like looking at the light from a flashlight but the light is coming from outside the flashlight it was really strange. I started to feel afraid, especially for the children, when in my head I heard “Do not be afraid, we will not harm you or your house.” I was no longer afraid but I could not move, I don’t know if from shock or if something was stopping me but I did not move.

The pyramid then went slowly past the doorway and into the bedroom, where the boys were and I could not see it but I could see the blue light. Then after what seemed to be only a few seconds it came back into the doorway and into my field of view and went out the window again. I could see the light fading from the window it was moving away and up. I seemed to gather my senses back and leaped up from the floor and bolted into the bedroom. I made sure they were all breathing and sleeping. Everything was fine so I ran back to the window hoping to get a glimpse of this thing again but it was gone. I then went back to my bed on the floor and laid down and fell asleep so fast I am sure I broke some kind of record. I did not even dream any more that night. I guess I just soaked the experience into my brain. I do remember, vividly, that now, as I looked at the pyramid as it was spinning and bobbing it looked exactly like a "Star of David", if you can believe that.

The next story happened about a week later after the floating pyramid, Star of David, incident. The family had just fallen asleep and I had made a bed on the floor in the living room to watch TV again and fell asleep. I again woke up late at night to see that the outside light was on. I was wide awake again and noted this as it is weird for me to be so fully awake when I first get up, I am usually groggy, but again I was wide awake.

I looked at the front door which was about 5 feet away and could see the outside light on and then for whatever reason I looked at the light switch, it switched off right as I looked at it, the damn thing just moved to the off position. I had to double take and make sure I had just seen what I thought I had seen when I heard a voice. The voice was beautiful and sounded like a whale song but not that sing songy (if that’s a phrase). I remember I did not understand what was said but I do remember answering the “voice”. I said “OK, I am sleepy”. I then fell face first into the pillow and was sleeping, again so fast I must have broken some kind of record. I remembered everything though.

This last part of the story (so far, barring anything new happening) was just as strange as the first two just not so dramatic. This occurred about 1 week after the “voice” incident. I had been doing some research on the internet and just happened to think about the Riddle of the Sphinx. I went looking for some data and papers on the net to inform myself about it. I say this only because it is relevant to what happened later. It was about 3 days later I was taking a smoke break at work. It was the last break of the day and I was tired and looking forward to going home. I then “heard” a voice in my head but it was more like it was instructions and was not physical, I guess I just do not do it justice. Long story short this information floods into my head and It said to me “The Riddle of the Sphinx is the Mystery of Iniquity”. Where that came from I do not know but what happened next was I was told what the Mystery of Iniquity was and that someday I would stand before or with someone and they would ask me that question and I was to give them the answer I was told, nothing more, nothing less. Then I was told to tell no one else the answer.

Now far be it from me to ignore bodiless voices and flying, rotating blue pyramids so I have not told anyone what was told to me. Now I am not special and nor do I want attention, but this has been really strange. I used to be Christian and believe that Jesus was the messiah. I no longer hold that to be true. I do believe that the Jewish people are correct. Moshiach is yet to come, the Temple rebuilt and Jesus was a deception, a darn good one too.

A few weeks after the flying, spinning pyramid incident. Something caught my eye in the window where it came in. I noticed that the window was....deformed, for lack of a better term at the moment. The first 3 photos show the window and you can barely make out the pyramid shaped indentations where it left its mark. The last 3 photos are from an idea I had of giving it a background, roughly the same color, using a shirt of mine, LOL. The effect was rather weird, take a look.

Below are images after putting a blue shirt behind the window for a background:

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