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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lucid Dream Tulpa

Chris in Canada wrote in to tell of his bizarre encounter:

“I had an encounter early this morning that I would like to share with your listeners. I work long hours as an artist but I decided that I would kick back and relax a bit. I watched a few movies and went to bed around 1:00 AM. I was rather exhausted from the week's work and fell asleep early. At around 3:00 AM I was awakened by a strange nightmarish dream, the details of which I can barely remember but it involved the death of a loved one and some very creepy characters that morphed physically into odd shapes of themselves.

As I awoke suddenly, I was staring at a face hovering in my room. It was a red face but looked more like an ancient mask. I hate to say it and I found it hard to believe but it looked like the traditional demonic face, horns or sharp upper edges appearing horn like, a tightened smile showing triangular sharp teeth and slit-like, like a serpent's eyes but his face was glowing red. I could not see any other details to this figure. Perhaps a dark bodily outline but nothing more. It hovered for about 10 to 15 seconds eventually fading as I became more and more conscious. It was very unsettling to say the least but there were two things that were even more unsettling. One: There was a sound that accompanied the image and faded as the face faded. It was the sound of a chorus like men chanting out one long note similar to what we would hear if we listened to a byzantine choir or Tibetan monks holding one long note. It was sound unlike any other I had ever heard before but it hummed and reverberated around the room filtering out any other noise. As I watched the image float about I blinked a few times to see if it perhaps was something apart of my dream or a hypnagogic hallucination as I'd read about before. Perhaps that's all it was. An eerie combination of sound and shape as I was coming out of sleep however this brings me to the second part of the experience that made me feel even more unsettled.

As I watched the figure float about, the sound droned on until both sight and sound faded. I scanned the room. I'm fully awake now at this point, perhaps the reason the sight and sound dissipated... when my eyes catch a glimpse of two red glowing points of light hiding in the darkest part of my room which looked much darker for some reason. They appeared to be the size and shape of eyes but looked also like a laser. They looked about at the height of a person roughly 6 feet tall. And they did not move nor did they float about as the face did. Nor did they fade. I only saw them for a second or two then they just went out at which point that part of the room seemed to brighten up a but allowing more of the natural light glow to come in. Once the eyes vanished, the house groaned and creaked as if it was being stretched and then silence. Slowly I began to hear the sounds of crickets and natural night sounds coming in my open window from outside and it felt all well again.

It was at this point, I sat up and walked around the house checking and double checking the rooms, cooling myself down by drinking some water and going over what had just happened. Was it a hallucination? Was it perhaps something demonic? Was it something else? My mind was racing with crazy ideas as to what it could have been? Alien, a drone outside my window projecting a hologram, hence the droning sound? Some sort of otherworldly technology or just an over-worked over-imaginative creative mind? I do not have any answers at all.”

Source: Darkness Radio - August 24, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: I have read about a similar phenomenon...a thought-form or tulpa manifested (including sound) from a lucid dream. It must be a terrifying experience, especially if the content of the dream is upsetting. Lon

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