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Friday, August 19, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Mysterious Bright Lights Continue Over San Diego -- Secret USO Alien Army -- Scientists Prep For Zombie Outbreak?

Mysterious Bright Lights Continue Over San Diego

The mysterious lights are continuing in San Diego, California and have residents uneasy. The recent occurrence was a reported bright flash that lit up parts of the San Diego sky Thursday night and continues to remain a mystery. The streak of light had lasted a few seconds before it disappeared, but the flash was captured on a dashcam. National Weather Service officials told 10News they were unsure of what the light flash was. Click for video


Worshippers Stunned as Virgin Mary Statue Starts Crying Blood

A red substance can be seen dripping down the statue’s face and onto her praying hands.

Samples of the liquid have been taken to medics at a local beach hut to work out if it is human blood.

Church-goers at the remote venue in Manuripi-Heath Amazonian Wildlife National Reserve in Bolivia claim the statue began weeping blood a week ago.

It comes as another Virgin Mary statue, in Colombia, attracted crowds of pilgrims after it reportedly cried a single tear of blood. Click for video


Scientists Prep For Zombie Outbreak?

Zombie films often end with a miracle cure or the arrival of the army to save the day.

But what would happen if a new disease started converting humans into a zombie-like state, and could we stop it?

Writing in The Conversation, Joanna Verran, Professor of Microbiology and Matthew Crossley, Lecturer in Web Technologies, both at Manchester Metropolitan University, attempt to answer this question.

They say that looking at how we might deal with and zombie scenario can tell about how a genuine highly infectious condition might spread, as well as how society might prepare.

From running and hiding to culling infected individuals, preparing for such a scenario will cause government to face some difficult decisions. Read more at Scientists prep for ZOMBIE outbreak?


Secret USO Alien Army

It has often been said that we know more about the surface of the Moon than we do about the world’s seas and oceans.

The study of USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects) is a case in point.

For years, strange phenomena have been reported by people at sea, especially by Naval personel.

Many of the reports lie in the USO files of the Soviet and Russian Navy and remain secret however some have filtered out.

In their new book authors Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle reveal stories of strange encounters by the Soviet and Russian Navy with unexplained objects.

The two experts say most of these stories have never been told outside of Russia but they provide yet more evidence that we are not alone. Read more at Secret army of UFOs is plotting war against us from under the SEA, new book claims



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