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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'City of the Dead' Being Built in Texas -- Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost -- Humanoid Creature Spotted in Tennessee

'City of the Dead' Being Built in Texas

The idea of cryonic preservation is not new. We have seen it in numerous sci-fi movies, but the question is –is it practically possible to freeze a human being and then bring them back to life after a certain amount of years?

A new project aims to do just that and we may soon see a huge cryonic preservation center in the small town of Comfort in Texas.

The so-called Timeship Building, which has already been dubbed the “Mecca of cryogenics“, will have the capacity to house 50,000 frozen human bodies. The facility, which was designed by architect Stephen Valentine, will also be disaster-proof and will be able to survive anything from a terror attack to sea level changes.

“DNA, tissue samples, and cryopreserved patients will be housed in Timeship, and their safety and security against all threats, both natural and human-made, will have to be maintained for hundreds of years,” the Timeship website writes.

The Timeship Building will be encircled by high walls and surrounded by an extensive area of land. Except for housing dormitories, it will contain research laboratories, libraries, and even an agriculture center. The facility is also said to have its own power supply.

Along with frozen human bodies, the cryogenic village will also host biological material, human organs, cells and tissue samples, as well as the DNA of nearly extinct species.

According to the Timeship website, the ambitious plans of the project are about taking people to the future, hence the name of the cryogenic village, which is said to be able to endure for centuries.

It all sounds very impressive, but at what stage is the cryogenics right now? At the moment, scientists are not able to freeze a human and subsequently bring them back to life. However, a recent achievement of researchers who managed to revive the brain of a cryonically frozen rabbit earlier this year gives hopes to further progress in this field.

“The researchers said the brain demonstrates that ‘near-perfect, long-term structural preservation of an intact brain is achievable,” Daily Mail reports.

While the purpose of cryonics is to freeze sick or dying people in order to have the chance to revive them in the future when the technologies will be advanced enough to save their lives, it’s obvious that some people will want to take advantage of this science in order to live forever. No need to say that it will only be affordable for the wealthiest individuals.

What do you think about the whole concept? Would you let freeze yourself for a couple of centuries to wake up in the future? - Texas Will Build a Cryogenic ‘Immortal Village’ That Will House 50,000 Frozen Human Bodies


Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost

The clip was taken in Gettysberg, Pennsylvania, US – which was also the scene of one of the most pivotal battles of the Civil War as it led to the fall of the Confederacy.

But it also is believed to be the location of restless ghosts and haunted buildings.

Two ghost hunters decided to visit it and find out if they could see some themselves.

And what they spotted was truly terrifying.

To the side of the shot, two cannons come into view and this is where the apparition appears.

It strolls past the weapons and appears to walk towards the car in which the two ghost hunters are sat in.

Then – just as quick as it appeared – the ghost disappears.

The cameramen are understandably shocked at what they have just witnessed.

“No way, what is that,” one asks.

His pal responds: “I have no freaking idea.”

The clip was posted on YouTube in 2013, but re-emerged on social media site Reddit on Monday.

Click for video


Humanoid Creature Spotted in Tennessee

Brady, who provided a last name but was omitted for privacy purposes, said he was walking with three other people just behind their property in Marion County when they spotted the creature the night of July 31.

Brady described the creature as a short, but “fairly large” and wide animal with a hairy body and a human-like face and coming towards them.

“Its face was round and had little hair on it,” she said. “It matches the description from the cave sightings,” said Brady.

There was not photographic evidence provided by the eyewitness. The sighting allegedly lasted about 10 seconds and Brady did not specify what the creature, reportedly walking towards them, did next.

In 2015, a 4-foot-long four-legged creature with a hairless human face that “looked like a miniature of Bigfoot” was reportedly seen by a woman in a cave of Hamblen County, Tennessee. She also claimed that inside the cave she found what appears to be a “16th century” document written in “Old Germanic” by Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci.

In October of 2014, a man from Australia who calls himself the Nephilim Hunter, captured the images of what he called a “Nephilim” creature attached to the roof of an undisclosed cave in Douglas Shire.

In 2013, a woman calling the radio show Coast to Coast claimed to have lived in a cave with Bigfoot for three weeks in Tacoma, Washington.

In late August of 2014, a cave explorer told longtime Bigfoot podcaster Reverend Jeffrey Kelley about his encounter with a Sasquatch in a cave in Tennessee.

Marion County’s economy used to rely on coal and iron ore mining until the advent of the 21st century and has a population of 30,000. - Humanoid Creature Spotted in Tennessee


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