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Friday, August 05, 2016

Bigfoot Sleeping in a Garden Pavilion

I recently received the following email:

Hello - in the early 90's, our family moved into a small house near Gresham, Oregon. It was a temporary residence since I was starting a new job in the area (we moved from Nevada) - but we were looking for a larger house. The property was beside a large forested park.

The day we moved in, my kids were exploring the yard and forest. There was a medium-sized garden pavilion at the far end of the yard at the edge of the forest - about 50 yds from the house. It was grimy and dirty - so I told the kids to stay out of it.

About a week later, my son told me that the pavilion was full of pine boughs and smelled terrible. He said that the boughs weren't there the day before. I figured that since it was so damp that the bad smell was from rotting wood. I told him that I planned to clean it up that weekend while I was doing some yard work.

The next day, my son once again commented on the pavilion - saying that there were more pine boughs packed into it. I walked down the yard and was hit by the stench before I reached the pavilion. It smelled like an animal had died. I noticed the large amount of pine boughs and other vegetation was packed 2 foot deep. I turned and went back into the house - and called the owner of the house and let him know about the pavilion.

After I finally reached the owner by telephone, I explained to him about the condition of the pavilion. He didn't seem too concerned but said he would be there later that day.

A few hours later, the owner and his son arrived with rakes and trash bags. They cleaned up the mess. I approached him as they were getting back into his truck and thanked him. He said not to worry about it - and in a matter-of-fact manner said that it was probably a Bigfoot building a nest. All I said was 'really?' He just nodded.

We lived there for another 6 months - and the owner cleaned out the pavilion twice more. We never saw a Bigfoot, but the wood seats in the pavilion were all busted apart during that time. There were no prints, but the grass was matted down as if something heavy was walking over it. I told the kids to stay away from it. As long as the Bigfoot stayed away from the house, then I had no problem with it sleeping in the pavilion. JR

NOTE: I suppose it's possible that a Bigfoot would sleep in a pavilion if the humans left it alone. I'm interested in your thoughts. Lon

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