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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Weekend 2 Cents / Arcane Radio Presents: Jack Cary - Cryptid & Paranormal Phenomena Researcher

This week we welcome cryptid & paranormal phenomena researcher Jack Cary to Arcane Radio.

Jack resides in Denver, CO and is the founder and current director at the Paranormal Intelligence Agency. He is also a researcher at Crypto Four Corners International...and has been involved in several high profile investigations with the group, including the 'Lakewood Lycan' and other upright canine cases. He will also be presenting his new unified field theory of paranormal activity...which can be reviewed at http://www.paranormal-intelligence-agency.com/deepblackreport.htm.

This event is listed at Arcane Radio Presents: Jack Cary - Cryptid & Paranormal Phenomena Researcher


When Nina Said 'I'm here'

Toni from California called in to tell of a weird experience she had with her cat Nina:

“Last week, a guy called in about being half asleep and letting his dog out and hearing somebody and he goes and it's his dog (she is referring to this case (phantomsandmonsters.com/2016/05/daily-2-cents-were-ready-to-come-in-now.html). Well, many many years ago, I had a cat. I remember being half asleep and turning over and in my ears, I heard Meow. In my head I heard, I'm here. I woke right up and there's my cat, jumps up on the bed, walks up puts her nose up to me like she usually does and goes to her corner and goes to sleep. And I'm thinking, did I just experience something with my cat? It never happened any other time and the voice came simultaneously and it wasn't my voice inside my head and I really was mostly asleep. The thing that woke me up was hearing, I'm here. And I'm thinking, if that was me making it up, I thought I would hear, Hello because humans say hello to each other, they don't walk into a room and say, I'm here. I don't remember if he heard the dog bark or if he just heard the voice because he kept mentioning how really tired he was and how half asleep he was and I know if that little event hadn't happened, I would not have remembered the turning over, you know, in the middle of the night, sometimes you remember it and sometimes you don't. And I'm sure I would not have remembered rolling over if that little event hadn't occurred. My cat's name was Nina and I had her for 16 years until she passed from cancer. She was the smartest animal I'd ever met.”

Source: Darkness Radio March 28, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


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