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Thursday, July 28, 2016

'War Games' Sasquatch?

Fran from Springfield, Massachusetts called in to tell his story:

“My name is Fran and I live in Springfield, Massachusetts and in May of 1973, I was a Marine. We did a battalion-sized exercise in an area of California known as Casey Springs. We were told that there were no roads to get there. We were inserted by helicopter.

I was sent out on a midnight ambush with 15 other Marines. It was a computerized war game. It worked on the computer and so they send Marines out to see if it can be feasibly be done. What we did was we were going after an aggressor force. We set up a linear shaped ambush, shaped like an L. And when your victims walk into it, you... it's a computer kill.

Well, we set up this ambush at midnight and we had two individuals walk into our ambush and we opened fire with blanks and, as it turns out, we thought they were bear. So we scramble, shooting our blanks at these individuals and they separated. One went one way and the other went the other way. We got back to our PPB which is our platoon-sized patrol base and we told our lieutenant what happened. He radioed it in to our commander. This was the first night of a four day war-game and it was cancelled. We were given orders to light a large fire, get a fixed bayonet and stand on a 360 around our blazing fire.

All through that night we heard high-pitched... the only way I can describe it was, that of a death call of a bear and in the morning we had two helicopters come in with base game wardens and some other fellas. To this day I don't know who they are. We were made to bring them back to the area where this happened. Two of the individuals walked where we directed them and we were ordered to leave the area. And this is something the Marine Corps does not do...to cancel a computerized war-game.

There were over 3000 Marines involved in this...the logistics and the money that was spent on this, and it was cancelled.”

Source: Coast to Coast - November 13, 1999

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: I've written a lot about the government / military versus Bigfoot. I experienced it personally. It's obvious that the powers to be have made significant attempts to cover up the existence this cryptid. You only have to wonder...why? There are a variety of theories...and most are legitimate, including the UFO / alien connection. Lon

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