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Friday, July 01, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Mexican Mothman -- Mystery Tree Bears 'Female' Shaped Fruit -- Hole in Ozone Layer Healing

Mexican Mothman

Location / Date: Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico - January 2003 - various reports and times:

Delfino Garcia Zarate was at his post as security guard at the Technical Secondary School #98 Mariano Escobedo and was making the rounds in the patio area when he heard a strong sound resembling a bird moving its wings at a very high rate of speed. Curious he looked up in the direction from which the sound originated and was able to see a hairy man-like figure with two huge dark wings. Terrified he ran into the school and hid in one of the schoolrooms until the morning. Around the same time a woman living in the Unidad Puerta Grande suburb was out in her back patio washing some dishes when she also heard a loud thrashing sound overhead. At first she thought it could had been an eagle and looked up but was surprised to see a hairy man-like figure floating overhead on a pair of huge wings. Terrified she also ran into the house. Also around the same time in Cocolapam suburb a man and his son were repairing the TV antenna on their roof when they noticed a winged creature, gray and hairy in appearance that was approaching their location from a northerly direction. The winged humanoid glided on a pair of huge wings and quickly disappeared from sight. Another woman reported being awake around 3 am and taking a shower when she looked out the bathroom window in the direction of nearby Cerro De Escamela and was surprised to see a huge winged dark creature resembling some type of prehistoric being gliding slowly over the area. Others in nearby Cerro del Borrego have seen a similar winged creature.

Source: El Durmiente de Orizaba, El Hombre Alado / Albert Rosales

NOTE: There was a similar sighting in the same general area on January 14, 2006 - On a foggy cold night several witnesses reported seeing a very tall humanoid figure at least 3m in height, bright white in color, floating very quickly above a field. It moved quickly behind a light pole and disappeared. The witnesses attempted to videotape the entity but nothing came out on the video. The same or similar figure was seen on a football field by other witness and the Ortiz brothers. UFOs were also reported in the same area...Lon


Mystery Tree Bears 'Female' Shaped Fruit

A strange tree growing in Thailand appears to bear fruit in the exact shape of a young woman - and it's baffling the internet.

But while many are amazed by the shape of the green fruits , others are less convinced by the confusing footage.

In Buddhist mythology , a tree known as the Nariphon bears the fruit of young female creatures and is said to grow in the mythical forest called Himaphan.

The story goes that Buddhist God Indra a home in the forest for his wife Vessantara and his two children.

But when Vessantara went out into the forest to collect food, she was in danger of being attacked by terrifying male creatures.

Indra then created 12 special Nariphon trees which would bear fruit in his wife's image to distract the creatures while she picked her own food.

The men would take these fruits back to their homes and after making love to them would sleep for four months, and lose their powers.

According to Thai folklore, after Indra and his wife died, the trees continued to bear fruit.

There are rumoured to be two Nariphon pods in a Buddhist temple near Bangkok.

Gifts inspired by the Nariphon girls are now sold widely throughout Thailand, leading to many hoaxes. - Mystery tree that 'bears fruit in the shape of WOMEN' found growing in Thailand


W. Mich. woman claims to see paranormal activity on baby monitor

CALHOUN COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Calhoun County mother has claimed to see some paranormal activity on her son's baby monitor.

She believes a spirit could have visited her home.

Newschannel 3 spoke with Kayla Marie Cruz, as well as a local paranormal investigator to get to the bottom of the sighting.

Cruz says she saw a bright, unexplained orb hovering over her baby through the baby monitor.

She says the monitor's sound level went red, meaning a loud noise, but no such noise could be heard.

She did some of her own investigating, and so did we.

Kayla Marie Cruz had just put her 1-year-old son Riley down for a nap around noon last Thursday, when she walked past the baby monitor and noticed an orb passing over Riley.

"I didn't want people to think I was crazy but I definitely believe that it was something spiritual with him," she said.

She says the strange light was accompanied by the sound level of the baby monitor going red--usually meaning a loud sound--but only soft music played on. She ruled out all other possibilities, and came to the conclusion that a spirit visited her home.

"We had a storm so it was really cloudy, so there wasn't any sunlight that could make a reflection. He doesn't have a mobile above his crib," Cruz said.

Kayla says the mysterious orb hovered over her son Riley in the crib for about an hour and a half on the baby monitor. She says she could see it when she would look into the monitor, but when she would physically come into the room it was nowhere to be seen.

We asked Dan Holroyd from Southern Michigan Paranormals--a local group that investigates paranormal activity--what he thinks this could be.

"It's anomaly. I never tell anybody when I catch such things that it's absolute ghost or spirit, but it's definitely unexplained at this point," he said.

Cruz believes it was a visit from a family relative who passed away.

"I ended up just standing there and I actually said, I don't know who's here, but thank you for watching my baby," she said.

The Southern Michigan Paranormals say they'd like to visit Kayla's home to hopefully give her a better understanding of what the orb could have been.

For now, the mystery remains unexplained.

Click here for video


Hole in Ozone Layer Healing

A large hole in the Earth's protective ozone layer is finally starting to show signs of healing up.

Situated high up in the planet's stratosphere, the ozone layer is a special region which helps to protect the Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun.

Scientists first noticed that it appeared to be thinning above Antarctica back in the 1980s, a worrying trend that was shown to be due to the presence of certain chemicals in hair sprays, refrigerators, air conditioning systems and other CFC-containing products.

The discovery that these gases were responsible for depleting the ozone layer led to a significant reduction in the manufacture and use of these items in the hope that this would slow down or even reverse the damage that they had been causing.

Fast-forward to the present and now scientists have revealed that these efforts appear to have proven successful as there has been a distinct improvement in the ozone layer over Antarctica.

New data has shown that the area of thinning has reduced by 4 million square kilometers since the year 2000 - that's a region roughly the size of India.

"Even though we phased out the production of CFCs in all countries including India and China around the year 2000, there's still a lot of chlorine left in the atmosphere," said Professor Susan Solomon, the researcher who originally linked ozone layer depletion with the chemicals in CFCs.

"It has a lifetime of about 50-100 years, so it is starting to slowly decay and the ozone will slowly recover. We don't expect to see a complete recovery until about 2050 or 2060 but we are starting to see that in September the ozone hole is not as bad as it used to be." Read more at 'Healing' detected in Antarctic ozone hole



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