Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: JuJu Zombie on L-Train -- Pentagon's 'Zombie' Defense Plan -- Possibly Rabid Animal Bites Walmart Shoppers

JuJu Zombie on L-Train

Dan in Portland called in to tell of a weird sighting he had while living in Chicago:

“I was riding the L (in Chicago), going to a rock and roll concert on the train and sitting two or three seats off from the door. In walks this large African American gentleman and... I worked in healthcare for 22 years and I know that man, as long I've been alive, he's been dead. I looked up at him, his hair's kind of matted. My blood just ran cold. I looked up and his ears were sewn shut. His eyelids were sewn shut. His nose. His mouth... Everything was sewn shut. And I'm sitting there just looking at him and I'm freaking out inside and I'm thinking, 'God please, let him not be for me' and he rode for about two or three stops and then got off. And am just terrified out of my mind.

So I got to the show. See some of my friends. Talk a little bit and they are like, man, I don't even know what that is. I'm like, it's the walking dead. Ghosts I get but the walking dead, that's not right. That's not natural. Oh my God! There was no way you could not see it. I'm sitting there and I'm looking at it. Then I was a punker so I had protection painted into my jacket and I'm thinking Glove to Glove, God, Gabriel, all the angels, please watch over me right now and he walked right off the thing. So I went through and I looked it up and there is actually a popular zombie, it was the JuJu and it was probably sent by some black practitioner out to go and do one thing and that is to kill somebody.”

Source: Darkness Radio - March 21, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: For the most part, Vodou is used for good magic or white magic. JuJu is used when it comes to black magic in certain Creole and African practices. Juju has derived its name from a French word joujou which means 'toy' and is performed to capture supernatural powers into an object. In this case, a possible 'undead being.' Lon


Arcane Radio Guests Line-Up

We've got a great line-up of guests coming your way on Arcane Radio...humanoid researcher Albert Rosales, crypto investigator Jack Cary, paranormal investigator Dennis Carroll, UFO/paranormal experiencer Anna Manalo, empath/intuitive researchers Kira & David Williams, more creepy accounts w/Dark Waters, Rosemary Ellen Guiley & Darren Evans discuss the 'Zozo Phenomenon', David Weatherly discusses his new book 'Wood Knocks: Journal of Sasquatch Research', and our friend Brett Butler will once again join us for a discussion of her mediumship & the spirit world...and other esoteric subjects.


Possibly Rabid Animal Bites Walmart Shoppers

WESTERLY, R.I. (CBS) – Public health officials are alerting people to a possible rabies exposure in Westerly, Rhode Island after an animal bit several customers at a Walmart on the Fourth of July.

The incident happened at the Walmart store on Post Road Monday between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.

At least two people were reportedly bitten by a small black mammal that might have been a ferret, mink or weasel, according to authorities. Those two people have not yet come forward to seek medical attention.

The animal was not tested, and the concern is that it might have been rabid. Rabies is fatal in humans and animals once symptoms appear, according to the health officials.

Anyone who may have had any contact with the animal inside or outside the store is asked to contact the Rhode Island Department of Health so they can be immunized. - Possibly Rabid Animal Bites Walmart Shoppers In Rhode Island


Pentagon's 'Zombie' Defense Plan

The US Department of Defense is using an animated online course about a zombie pandemic to teach active-duty military nurses about population health. There are actual Pentagon guidelines for a zombie outbreak as well. Do they know something we don’t?

Military nurses studying for their doctorate at the Uniformed Services University of the Healthcare Sciences (USU) have to take a course on population health. Because many of the students are deployed around the world, the course has to be available online. It is not all PowerPoints and reading, however: the course features an animated storyline revolving around a zombie pandemic in Washington, DC.

The course was developed by Dr. Catherine Ling, assistant professor and family nurse practitioner at USU’s Daniel K. Inouye Graduate School of Nursing, earning her the prestigious Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award in 2015.

“We use the narrative device of a zombie pandemic in animations and assignment to help engage students in content,” Ling explained in a USU release about the course. Students have to apply the theories and models of public health that they learned in the course to the case of the zombie apocalypse.

The zombie story “keeps the material interesting,” and the theme helps the lessons be more cohesive, Ling said. That narrative cohesion makes it easier to remember the material, and later apply it in a real-life health emergency such as outbreaks of Ebola, Zika or swine flu.

Students are assigned to a fictional – at least one hopes so – division of the Defense Department, called HHIT, and have to deal with the zombie apocalypse by enacting quarantines, administering vaccines, and obtaining international resources while adhering to actual Pentagon guidelines, Ling explained.

A training document imagining the military’s response to a zombie apocalypse was actually released by the Pentagon in May 2014. Title CONOP 8888, the scenario was used by US Strategic Command as a teaching tool, with STRATCOM explaining that it “elected to use a completely impossible scenario that could never be mistaken as a real plan.”

While the USU only made a screenshot from one of the animations available – depicting a zombie inside the National Museum of Natural History – the release says the course includes video clips featuring the president making a “State of the Zombie Pandemic” address, and the consequences of the zombie virus, including “anti-zombie posters strewn all over cities.”

Students who have taken the course seem to like it, USU said, citing one Air Force officer who happens to be a big fan of the zombie TV show The Walking Dead.

“I thought it was a wonderful, fun twist to this course,” Air Force Captain Marcie Hart is quoted as saying. “The videos are very tastefully done,” Hart added, noting that “the ‘infected’ can be cured later in the scenario, so the characters are not using deadly force, and it is not overtly violent.” - Pentagon nurses take ‘zombie pandemic’ course to train for real life outbreaks


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