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Monday, June 20, 2016

Reptilian Royalty

1988 – Steelville, Missouri

The following account is from a YouTube video from September 19, 2014 titled “Reptilian Abduction While Hitch Hiking”. Uploader's name is David Gowers. It appears to document a strange encounter he and a friend had one night in the summer of 1988 on a country road outside Steelville, Missouri:

“When I was in my late teens or early twenties (1988), my friend Danny and I decided to hitch-hike out to my grandma's house 16 miles outside of Steelville, Missouri on Highway 8. We used to hitch-hike a lot so it was no big deal. We left from St. Louis, Missouri early in the morning going west on Highway 44. We had our backpacks, some food and cash. We were planning to buy beer and party with my cousins out there in the woods. It was very smooth at first. We got a ride very quick. The person took us about half way to Cuba, Missouri which was our exit Highway 19. We had a long slow period between rides and we just walked and talked for several hours, stopping along the woods by the highway to rest and eat. We finally reached Cuba from a second ride just around rush hour. Yes, this was a work week.

It was about 4:30 pm. While in Cuba we didn't get any rides so we decide to walk the 10 miles to Steelville, Missouri. We stopped at a store before you get out of town and I bought a box of sugar smacks cereal and a big bottle of fruit punch. By this time, it was about 6:30 pm. We were young so walking was enjoyable. We did a lot of walking. So we just walked a few miles and then a Missouri State Trooper pulled just ahead of us and stopped. He waited for us to walk up and then he got out of his car. He asked what we are doing on the two lane black top road walking. I told him we were going to my grandma's house, so he took us to Steelville Police Station which was on the way to my grandma's house where Danny and I were going, so that was cool. The highway patrol officer leaves us at the Steelville Police Station. They verify our story. I told him my grandma's phone number and they called and she said, 'Yes, the boys come out to stay from time to time.' So the Steelville police officer said 'Okay, I will give you a ride.' I thought, 'Yes!' By this time it was 8:30 pm. So we all get into the squad car and the officer drives us to the end of town on Highway 8 and tells us to get out as that was as far as he could go. By now it's almost dark. There was nobody on the road and Danny and I have about 15 miles to walk, or get a ride if we're lucky. Since it's in the work week everyone is at home so we're walking down the middle of Highway 8 eating sugar smacks and drinking fruit punch. No big deal.

We were thinking of walking for awhile and then sleeping out in the woods and then finish the walk in the morning. It was summer and warm. We must have walked about an hour and it is pitch black out on the road. Cloudy skies. No moon. Almost no one driving down the road. If they did, they were not stopping for us. At this time I stopped to retie my boot. Danny yelled, 'Did you see that?' I said, 'No, what was it?' He said, 'Something jumped over the black top road and ran into the woods.' I said, 'It was a deer.' He said, 'No, it jumped over the black top. A deer doesn't do that! It's over twenty feet wide!' he yells. He's jumping around, freaking me out. So we were arguing about this event for some time and then we both saw this blinding orange, hot looking glow slicing through the clouds like a knife. A hot orange glow. I said, 'It's a helicopter!' But it was moving very fast plus it was going up and back, making incredible turns. We were amazed.

By this time, it must have been 11:30 pm. We may have walked 4 or 5 miles. We were not in a hurry. We still had 12 or so miles to go. Then it happened. The glowing orange light came back around toward us. And by this time it was over us. I knew it wasn't a helicopter and fear went through me like never before. This thing was the size of a 3 story building without making a sound. It was the last thing I remembered, seeing this huge glowing orange craft over us.

The next thing I remember, I was waking up inside of a large glass cylinder. It went from the floor to the ceiling. I woke up feeling very calm and wondering where I was. By the time my eyes adjusted to the light, I was in the craft. I was scared again. That's when I hear a voice in my head: 'Stay calm,' it said. I looked straight ahead and saw a reptile being about 8 feet tall. It was wearing some kind of a breast plate and ankle and shin covers. He told me his name. I don't remember. It was hard to say. I forgot. Then I looked next to me, on my right, and there was Danny. He was in a cylinder too, but he was frozen in place. With his arms on the glass over his head and his fist looked like he was beating on the glass.

This reptile creature told me not to worry. He was not to be harmed. I looked around the craft and the ceiling was tall. It must have been 2 stories high but at floor level about 10 to 15 feet. The walls were gold with every color of light and it was circular very clean and shiny. Then the reptile started to ask if was interested in the ship? I said, 'How does it work?' The reptile started to tell me there are two magnetic fields holding back charged plasma stream which travels around in a ring at high speeds and high temperatures and give the ship energy. Most I do not remember. It seems I understood what it was telling me but this reptile was planning on taking us somewhere. I told him I did not want to go. He told me I was royalty. My blood was royalty and I would be treated like a king after we arrive. I told the reptile, 'No, please take us back to the road. Let us go!' It did not argue with me. It just nodded. It then told me I should not be with this one. He meant Danny.

The reptile is burnt into my memory. The shape and color, the face and the head. It was not at all aggressive to me. The hands had 5 fingers and it had a very muscular body. It was standing next to a control panel in the middle of this large room about 10 feet away from me. The light was so bright but not blinding. I could see everything perfectly. He told me about a tragic happening to the Earth that is to be, but said, 'We will come for you before it happens'. I had no idea what he was talking about. All I knew was I wanted off and right now. Our back packs were still on our backs and I was ready for anything. His face was very bony with green brown scales. Tiny ones. And the breast plate went to the middle of where the waist would be just above a gold black belt or utility belt. It was wide - 6 or 8 inches wide. The plate was gold and black with silver. It didn't wear any pants. I didn't notice any genitals in the crotch area. It did have short tail that didn't touch the floor. It wore ankle and shin guards up to the knees. I really didn't feel comfortable being there talking with this creature. I just wanted to leave. The next thing I remember we were in a pickup truck. This old man was driving and we were almost at my grandma's road. He stopped the truck and said. Here you go boys'. Danny and I got out and we walked up to my grandma's house. She was up because of the call earlier. She was waiting for us. I had no idea what time it was. We walked into her house and it was 1:00 am in the morning. I thought it must have been 4 or 5. I told my grandma what happened and if she believed us. She told me, 'Yes, I believe you and, yes, I've seen them for a long time'.

Danny and I sat on my grandma's front porch all night, waiting to see it again, but it didn't show up. Years later I started to remember more of this encounter. It's hard for me to believe this reptile let us go and didn't take us away. I never did find out what happened to our sugar smacks and fruit punch. Or who the old man was. The creature most likely wanted a quick snack. I was afraid he was going to eat us.

Source: Reptilian abduction while hitch hiking in Missouri

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: Mmmm...entertaining account, but seems like fiction IMO. There are accounts of Draconian or dragon royalty in Far Eastern folklore, including mythology pertaining to the Yellow Emperor. There has also been some association given to the Chinese Dragon King deities and the Alpha Draconians (Reptilians). There are supposed Draconian bloodlines through several ancient royal families in history...including thse who were Celts, Franks, Egyptians, Slavs, Greeks, Sumerian, Turks, Nagas and the Jews. I'd really like to question the eyewitness, if that is ever possible. Lon

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