Thursday, May 19, 2016

Zozo Proclaims BEKs Are 'Aliens'

John wrote in to Darkness Radio with a bizarre story involving black eyed kids, Ouija boards and even Zozo:

“My girlfriend and I took out the spirit board after passing two kids walking down the street alone one night. I wanted to stop and ask the kids if they were lost or needed help. My girl was too freaked out. She told me to keep driving. The boy and girl were pre-teen, dressed in dark clothing which really just seemed odd for kids that young. We kept driving and as we passed them, Jess said, 'oh my god!' She was shocked when she saw their faces. They kept their heads down, though she couldn't really see their eyes, she said their faces chilled her to the bone. The children, pale, white, eerie and sad.

We'd heard about the black eyed kids on your show and on various other paranormal webcasts and these children really came close to all the descriptions. We became super curious after our brief encounter and wanted to know more about the phenomenon. Most of the information on the internet was pretty vague and speculative. We often use a spirit board to ask questions about the paranormal and this seemed like the perfect way to find out more.

We lit candles, invoked our protection and asked our spirits for guidance. We wanted to ask if they knew what these black eyed kids were and where they came from. When we asked if any spirits were present, the answer was yes. Then we asked for its name and it spelled out Z.O.Z.O. Our first question on the Ouija was, 'why are they here?' And the planchette pointed: L.O.S.T. We asked, 'where do they come from?' P.U.R.G.A... Purgatory? We asked. 'Yes. Then we asked why are their eyes so black?' A.L.I.E.N. 'What do they want from us', we ask. F.E.A.R. We were then all of a sudden frightened by the sound of coyotes running and hunting in their neighborhood outside.

I worried that the kids might be in danger. My cell, which I had forgotten to silence, chimed in for a text message. The message seemed to break the vibe. The message was empty. Our session didn't really seem to bring out much more so we closed the board and gave up for the night. Jessica was unsettled and decided to go home and I fell asleep on the couch next to the board. I practice lucid dreaming and set my attempt to explore this more in the realm of the subconscious. That night I dreamed that the children entered the door, and into the room to be with me. I sat up and noticed they both had eyes - normal eyes. Relieved, I asked them if they were hungry and needed a ride home. They faced one another and then focused on the girl who spoke to me saying, 'I can take my eyes off.' In unison they reached their hands to their faces and removed their eyes leaving nothing but black empty sockets. I awoke shaken and really disturbed.

Later that morning Jess called me. She dreamed about the kids too. A few days later we returned to the board and once again made contact with Zozo. We asked about the black eyed children again and this time they said that they came to remind us of who we were. Of course we asked them 'who were we? What does that mean? Who are we?' The board answered back, atman is Brahman which it turns out in Hinduism means the art of thou. (NOTE: it actually translates to individual soul is the world soul - Lon)

Lately I’ve started to notice more and more people with dark opaque eyes. I’m asking myself, were these people always out there that I just never noticed them before then I have to look at myself. I'm not sure if my own eyes are normal, my eyes are jet black. I also wonder about the children and if they are out their wandering somewhere. Anyway, who is Zozo? Who are the kids? These are all things I'm still working on.”

Source: Darkness Radio - May 16, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: You can find information of the phenomenon at Zozo: A Ouija Board Phenomenon. I have a feeling that this account was embellished a bit. I believe the witnesses had heard the name Zozo previously. Including it to a supposed BEK event adds some drama. There is other information at Zozo The Ouija Demon. I have studied a few Creole religions and the name Zozo (Zoso) is usually applied to a shapeshifting crow or 'sacred fool' by practitioners of Haitian Vodou. There are various similar names used throughout the occult, including Ose, Oso, Vose...which are entities which can give a shaman or witch the power to transform into other beings. Lon

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