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Thursday, May 05, 2016

The 'Track Suit Man'

A Youtuber named ParaGirl decided to share a story about a strange entity she encountered in a cemetery in Wales:

September 2013 – Wales, UK

“This happened in September 2013. I was just about ready to go home. I was just finishing up an EVP session. I said thank you to anyone who tried to communicate with me that day. So I pressed stop on my recorder. When I pressed stop, I looked down the road. I'm still in the cemetery now and I looked down the road towards the gate and I could see a man. My first reaction or my first thought was, Okay, why is there a man in the cemetery, there is hardly anyone in the cemetery at this time of the night? I wouldn't say that I was afraid but I was wary of the fact that he may approach me and ask me why I'm at the cemetery especially because it was 9 o'clock in the night, I'm a female and why would I be in a cemetery that time of the night, you know. That was my first thought.

Now, as I was looking at him, I could see what he was wearing. He was wearing a grey baggy top with grey bottoms, trainers. I first started to think something was a bit strange about this man when he started to move. Now he was moving from the right to the left and I could almost re-enact it, you know, but I'm not gonna re-enact it for you guys. The best way I can describe it to you guys was he was not moving in a way that I thought was normal. Now, the only way I can describe this is, for those of you who play games, you'll understand what I'm trying to say. It was almost as though he was in a glitch. Now, he was walking from right to left but it wasn't smooth like you'd expect somebody to walk. It was like he was moving like this and then he would jump back (uses hands to show motion) and then he would jump back again but his legs were still moving as though he was walking normal. And the second strange thing I realized that was, you know, not normal about this man was, he was glowing like a white and a silver color. It was like an aura. You could see an aura around him. Using my silhouette, I would say he was about that thick around him (uses hands to show size) and it was just all around his body. The third thing that told me something was different about this man was when he disappeared in front of my eyes and I was so shocked. I wasn't scared. I think I should have been scared but I wasn't scared but my reaction. How can I put this? My reaction to him disappearing in front of my eyes was to run after him. Where he was walking, if he was walking in the same direction, he would meet me on the other side of the lane. And there was no way he could have passed me without me seeing him. So I went the opposite way to where he was and we would actually meet up in the middle. I couldn't see him. I paused and I tried to listen to footsteps. I couldn't hear any footsteps and that was the strange thing as well. He was not producing a sound of footsteps which was very strange because where he was walking, it was gravel and obviously when you walk on gravel, it makes noise. And this night was silent. So why didn't it make a noise?

So I dubbed this man, The Track Suit Man. This is why I bought a night-vision camera, well, a night-vision trail camera. I've had many EVPs in this cemetery but only once I seen an apparition, which was the track suit man and I hope in the future, I will actually try to document him."

Source: youtube.com/watch?v=64CobyQq3-g, Personal Paranormal Encounters Part 1 - "The Tracksuit Man" (ParaGirlProductions), Published on 29 Mar 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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