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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Shifting Time / Missing Time

The following accounts are examples of the enigma of time:

Keith wrote in to tell of a bizarre experience he had involving time and near death:

“When I was 17 years old, I had just recently received my driver's license. I worked at Taco Bell and had just got off work. I made myself a burrito to take with me and was heading out to my friend's house. I lived in a small town in and was heading down a two lane road with ditches on both sides. This was a small town in Kentucky and as I was leaving town it was a rather narrow road. The speed limit on the road was 15 miles per hour. I was speeding, doing 60. I reached over for my burrito and unwrapped the top part. While I was fumbling around with my food, I totally took my eyes off the road. When I looked up again, I was running off the road and heading towards the ditch. Being the young and inexperienced driver, I jerked the wheel to the left and over-corrected massively. I might have been okay except for the fact that a large white SUV was in the other lane heading towards me. I don't mean it was still down the road, it was literally right on top of me. I was in a small car and was literally staring into the grill of the SUV that was going to collide with me in a matter of a second. The only thing I had time do was point. At this point, was to think to myself, I'm dead. Now the weird part is, I did not experience the crash. I was not thrown forward or remember hitting the SUV. My next image was driving safely down the road with an unwrapped burrito in my hand. I was still in shock and suddenly the same white SUV passed safely by me as it travelled down the road. There was really no transition. I didn't black out or anything. Just one moment I was staring straight at the SUV, inches from the car thinking I'm dead to next the moment I'm, travelling back towards the SUV safely. I never ran towards the ditch or corrected and was in shock but the SUV passed by and lifted my feeling of shock and put my full attention back on the road. I could never explain that incident and actually never told anyone else that story for fear of ridicule.”

Source: Darkness Radio - May 2, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Josh called in to tell of a weird UFO experience he had:

“This was in west Texas in about 1978. I'd come home from school. I had football practice. Got home, cleaned up. It was Friday night. My mom gives me a ride. I'm in like the 8th grade. And she gives me a ride to the mall. As we're going, it's kind of dark, you know, and we're going... we lived outside of town. As we're driving down the road, we see this light in the sky. It's over to the right. Back then, they had helicopters. We had a couple of crashes where the helicopters hit the power lines. We had some crashes out there, so she was saying, that's a UFO. I was saying, nah, I think it's a helicopter. Anyway, it kind of hovered in... it flew in and got over top of us. And my mom's flipping out, saying, it's a UFO! It's a UFO! And I'm like, nah, I don't think so, it's a helicopter. So I rolled the window down and I got out. I was sitting out of the window and I'm trying to listen for chopper blades and there was no chopper blades whatsoever. All I could hear was the gravel under the tires so it kind of freaked me out. So I got back in the car and I'm like, I'm not sure what that is. She was just saying, it's a UFO! It's a UFO! And I was like, nah, and it just took off back to where we first saw it. She was like, did you see that? Did you see that? It was mind-blowing. Then it zigzagged back out into space. So she's taking me to the movies right, so it was, I don't know, around 7 o'clock or something like that. We get up to the mall and she drops me off and when I get there, I see a few kids, I thought they were going into see the movies... and the movies were over with. And the movies were over with and it was just real shocking. It was like, what? So I had to walk to a payphone and call... I had to wait for her to get home and I say, you have to come back and get me. So she came back and got me. I was just like, the movie was over when I got there, so, we didn't really say much after that. It was just so wild. I never seen anything like in my life. (Jimmy Church asks him to explain what his mother thought) She didn't know much about it. She didn't know why... this was in 1978. That was kind of a weird thing. We've talked about it since. It's probably about a 20 minute drive from the house to the mall to watch the movies and it was just, nothing really, you know, I just can't.”

Source: Fade To Black with Jimmy Church – January 29, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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