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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rendlesham Forest Incident: Back From The Future

The Clapway article titled 'UFOs Captured in UK Were Interested in Nuclear Weapons; Cops Claim…', which I reported on yesterday, seems to have rattled cages within the ufology community. I received a few interesting responses to the story, including some comments from anonymous sources. One account, in particular, was noteworthy:

Yes that is correct, they – the ETs were, in fact neutralizing US nuclear warheads on British soil.

(Rendlesham Forest was never an isolated incident. It was later learned that both the east and the west witnessed identical incidents in which nuclear technology was aged and made useless. This resulted in more good than bad between the two superpowers who united under an umbrella which sought to try and deal with this ET nuisance.)

The witness descriptions of thin beams of light penetrating the ground was actually the deep burial of the cleansed radioactive components.

The glowing object sighted, which exploded into many small pieces, was another part of this process and was not an actual UFO/ ET vehicle.

The glowing sphere which made strange noises as it moved through the forest (and headed towards to soldiers) was a delivery system or scout which sought out a safe area to, later on, deposit its cargo.

The triangular vehicle was an ET machine that acted similar to a marker for others to find the correct time/dimensional frequency. The true planners of what happened on those cold winter nights were occupiers of this planet from a different reality that can be measured as our distant future.

Contact with the ETs was later established because of human interaction with it.

The ETs that presented themselves manifested via what we would call tiny portals of light. They imparted to us the damage that our destructive ways would lead to. They didn't care how we felt by their presence and made it clear that they would return and repeat this process around the globe. It was made very clear that the ET presence there was not for our benefit but instead for theirs.

My source described this ET as a messenger or worker AND not a real living thing. It was described as something that has been fed into our lives - a grey being. My source revealed that such creatures are usually a form of remote control in which a ET mind can be in several places at once even different times at the same time. I then listened to a person who told me with sadness that we are still, truly children. We exist within a body, that we treat as the end all of everything. ETs long ago realized that this was an illusion. They can create/choose a body where we make/choose a coat.

The sighting of 3 UFOS over the base saw two giving power/support to the 3rd which carried out the removal of atomic components. The US knew from previous experience that nothing could be done to neutralize the invasion over their territory. The Soviets experienced the same problem too and for a few decades both sides hid this.

I will grant you, some of the information parallels much of what we have heard and read previously. But the actual description of how the nuclear material was degraded and removed is interesting.

I have believed for some time that these particular 'ETs' are, in fact, humans from the distant future...moving back and forth between individual realities. It is a strong indication that events, that took place in these ETs' past and in our future, need to be reversed for unspecified reasons. Is it possible that they helped us move forward by offering advanced technology, but later found it necessary to quell our destructive ambitions? Lon

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