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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Missing Time...Defying Logic

Here are two incidents that defy time and logic:

Out of Body Experience...or Something Else?

Ron in Washington called in to tell of a strange experience he had:

“I think it was in July of 1995. I was awake in our apartment. My wife was in front of me. The TV was on and the next moment, all of a sudden, I'm not sure if it was an out of body experience or what, I found myself standing in the driveway of my father's house in California. And up in the sky was, from my point of view, there was at least a dozen UFOs. They were hovering. There was also small balls of light all the way around me and up in the air. When this happened there was a feeling, emotions and all, that were just like people have talked about with near death experiences. Just togetherness and oneness, you know, complete love. And it also, all of a sudden, flashed in my mind that this was a memory. It was like, how could I have forgotten this? This was something, I don't know."

Source: Coast To Coast AM – March 4, 1997

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Wrong Turn

An anonymous caller to Coast to Coast AM told of a bizarre experience he had while driving a truck:

“When I was in the Navy back in '92, I used to drive back to Maryland quite frequently from Norville. I was around Waldorf, Maryland at the time and I usually go through where highway 5 and 301 run together. 301 splits off on a ramp and continues up. I went off on that ramp. I continued up and I hit a red light around Brandy Wine Road and I ended up driving. I continued driving and I got kinda confused there for a second. I came up on a house and I'm like, I'm lost...this is weird. I figured I was in Waldorf, Maryland somewhere. That's what I'm thinking. I turned around and I went to the end of that road and I was on US1 around Virginia. There's a couple of rivers. You know, you got the Potomac River and all that. That's about, you know, between the two, that's over an hour drive away. I was really confused. It took me awhile to figure out where I was but I ended up on Highway 9... I mean, on Highway 1. I ended up going home that way. I ended up going over to Woodrow Wilson Bridge and going all the way back to Maryland.”

NOTE: I checked the map...he somehow crossed the Potomac River on Rt 301 (or didn't) and ended up in Frederickburg, VA. Then he drove north towards DC and crossed the Wilson Bridge back into Maryland, then drove south into southern Maryland. Yeah...he definitely had a bizarre experience of some kind. That's a loop of over 100 miles. Lon

Source: Art Bell Dark Matter - October 10 2013

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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