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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Enjoying My Alien Experiences

I received the following narrative several years ago. This is one of the very few positive alien encounter accounts forwarded to me:

My first experience happened when I was a child living in a small town in Texas in a house on a few acres of land for horses and cattle. My adoptive family was very Christian and thus I had a very strict upbringing. They didn't believe in a lot of things other than God. I wasn't allowed to watch very much television. Programming was very restricted and anything racey was completely out of the question. So isolated from the outside world I naively thought that people actually broke out in song and dance in the real world like I'd seen on the many musicals we watched. Funny, huh? Cute? Maybe. But my point is that I'd never heard of nor seen anything about UFOs or aliens before in my life. Until one night I found myself out in the field standing in front of a spaceship.

I was in my nightgown and there was a being in front of me - behind it stood the open hatch of a light filled door. I do not remember how I got there or back inside. I have also forgotten what, if anything, was said or done to me at that time. When I spoke about it I was reprimanded harshly and told I had an over-active imagination and it was only a dream. When I insisted on repeating my story I was punished. I didn't understand why it upset them so much when I said Jesus came down in a UFO. I don't know if that is actually what I saw or what I related it to be as far as my understanding of things at the time. They demanded to know where I'd seen such a thing and the little television I was allowed to watch became much smaller to the point where to mention what had happened only brought negative consequences. So I stopped talking about it, subsequently its details gone, buried inside my mind like priceless treasure awaiting retrieval. Despite the fact, it remains forever in my memory.

One night in early 2004, I was home alone at my apartment in Houston, Texas. As usual I fell asleep on the couch in front of the television. Shortly after drifting off I awoke feeling frightened, like I was in danger of some sort and felt a strong urge to check and make sure the front door was locked. It was, so I laid back down and fell asleep once more. Suddenly, it seemed, I was again awake in my living room. However I was now upright gliding seamlessly across the floor. I looked down realizing that I was not walking but instead floating towards my bathroom. Upon this realization I also recognized that I was not asleep and was consciously thinking to myself, I am floating! A series of emotions ran through me, confusion, fear, as well as excitement as to what was happening to me. But these feelings were tempered and although I didn't understand why and I felt helpless to do anything to stop it. The bathroom was cold and dark, visibility possible due to the dim light coming from the plug-in by the sink. Although I have no memory of putting the toilet seat down, I found myself sitting on it confused.

I thought to myself, what am I doing here? As I looked up there in front of me was a what is commonly known as a Grey. It was standing slightly taller than me as I sat, staring at me stoicly with its huge, unblinking eyes. Startled, my regretful reaction was to raise my hand up as if to hit it. My arm was instantly and simultaneously stopped and lowered in a series of short jerks. I immediately thought, It is controlling my body, and shortly thereafter realized that although I should have felt more afraid. I wasn't. I then thought to myself, it has subdued my emotions as well. It felt as if I had been drugged but was wide awake. I felt a little giddy about what was happening. as a matter of fact I didn't mind at all and was eager to submit myself to the experience. This is when I found myself wishing I hadn't reacted in fear and raised my hand to it. But it was happening all so fast and I was not in the least bit in control of the situation. I did not verbally speak nor did it, but I remember thinking it knew exactly what I was thinking and preceded with its agenda with astute purpose. I recall getting into the bathtub for some reason but my memory after that is vague and muddled. I presume this is when it performed whatever experiment or procedure it came to do.

When I awoke the sun was starting to come up. I was oddly laying flat on my back with the covers tucked neatly, carefully under my arms. My chest was beaded with a wet necklace of huge round drops of sweat, my arms riddled with goosebumps. I instantly felt a rush of fear and excitement and also oddly a bit sad as well. My memories were indeed confirmed by the way I found myself. I am a notoriously bad sleeper and because of a painful back injury and never sleep prone. I had a real sense of missing time and felt a bit groggy. When I went to the the bathroom everything seemed in place outside of the fact that the shower curtain was not only pulled back completely but wet as well. And of course the toilet seat was still down. There were spots of blood in my panties and it hurt to urinate. Left only with this most vivid memory that I wanted to share but found often that when I did it only brought odd silence and strange looks, assurances that it was only a dream. But it was not a dream.

Throughout this experience I was consciously thinking. The details do not fade and it has not been forgotten like any dream I've ever had. Not even when I showed what I feel is proof was I believed. In the big toe of my right foot I have an implant. There is no visible scar nor has it ever been painful. It is it seems right under the skin because its shape can be felt and the skin slightly raised however it will not move. I am curious about the implant but do not want it removed. I believe that they are coming back for me to do some kind of doctor-like follow up. I have been looking ever so forward to it. This experience left me with no lasting effects but feeling special, chosen, if you like, for some purpose unknown.

Almost ten years has passed when just last week, once again, they came to me while I was lying in bed watching television. That familiar feeling suddenly swept over me. I felt like I should check the door. Excited, I slowly got up trying to be completely aware and careful not to make, what I felt like, the same mistake of reacting with any kind of fear or noncompliance so that I might fully have this experience. I wanted to try to communicate and interact with it this time. I opened the door to the starless, midnight sky overhead. Looking out over the pond that usually held the shimmering reflection of the moon pictured in its surface but tonight it lay empty and still, dark and menacing. I closed the door and was swiftly overtaken and found myself immediately back in bed. I felt a surge of adrenaline as a green light enveloped me and suddenly had a strong sense of deja vu. I was once again consciously thinking to myself that it was absolutely happening again. I had it in my mind as to how long ago the prior experience had taken place but was quickly becoming overwhelmed with the numbing affect of the light, its fluorescent color made me think to myself jokingly about being in the "lime light" so to speak.

This experience was a bit different, it all seemed to happen at once, quickly. Space and time were blurred in the limited confines of my travel trailer. All at once I was frozen, stuck in an odd, contorted fetal position. The room was so bright, lit with the huge picture of the television that took up almost the whole wall in front of the bed along with jade, radiating in an arc around me on the bed like some strange, stifling blanket. As it dissipated and shrank, I cautiously began to move, my neck stiff and slightly sore from the way my head had been turned. Even though it all seemed instantaneous, I knew a lot of time had passed because the program I had began watching was not only over but it was well into a show scheduled hours later. Sitting up, awesruck by it all, filled with wonder and hope, I just smiled. Left wondering when, if ever, they will come again and hoping they will. Soon. Sandy

NOTE: I have wondered if, in the future, she experienced negative ramifications from these encounters. Lon

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