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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'We're ready to come in now' -- Are Alien Life Forms Already Among Us? -- Nile Crocodiles Found in South Florida

'We're ready to come in now'

Josh in Hopkins, Minnesota called in to tell of his bizarre story involving a child's voice:

“This was about two weeks ago. It's really weird and in the moment, I didn't really think twice about it but in afterthought... I wake up for work every morning about 4:30 (am) and about 5:30 I start getting ready to leave, I let the dog outside to do its thing. I let him back in and I go to work. Well usually when he wants to come in he does what we call these knocks at the door. He'll put his front paws up on the storm door and bang it a little bit so I sit there and I wait for that every morning. Well that one morning, like I said a couple weeks ago, right before that I start thinking my god he shouldn't be wanting to come he's only been out about 10 minutes that morning - I hear a little kid on the other side of my front door.

He sounds like my seven year old stepson on the other side of the door. I hear: We're ready to come in now. Right after that, the dog bangs on the door. I was half out of it. I wake up early I didn't think twice of it. I open the door and I let the dog in and I stop. I just go, wait a minute. What was that? I start looking out, through all my windows. I'm looking out my front door. I walk outside and look, there's nobody there. And the dog, when I come back in to take him off the tie-out, is sitting on the front rug just like - where'd he go? - staring looking for something. It was the most bizarre thing that has happened in this house so far and I've been living here about a year. It just said, we're ready to come in now. All innocent and matter of fact.

I was so out of it. It was so early in the morning. I hadn't had coffee yet. I usually stop for coffee on my way to work. It took me a while and I was talking to my girlfriend about it (Dave asked if it could be a neighbor's kid) This is the thing. It was 5:30 in the morning. I really didn't expect a neighbor kid to be up. And the house to the north of us, they just moved in yesterday. They got everything finished. They just got the house yesterday. The neighbors to the south of us, their kids are in their 30s so I have no clue who this kid was. I brought it up with my girlfriend and she said, 'Oh, great, thanks, you let a ghost in the house, awesome!'”

Source: Darkness Radio March 21, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie


Are Alien Life Forms Already Among Us?

Scientists over at NASA have been looking for alien life forms for a while - in fact, they recently had a theory of looking for older stars to find life in. However, despite the official statements that said astronomers are still on the lookout for life forms in space, it seems that many are getting ahead of themselves.

In fact, an article from Clapway is convinced that the government is hiding the existence of alien life forms in space - and videos and footage on YouTube, allegedly from NASA itself have shown that there have been odd movements in space.

According to the article, a recent vide published showed strange footage that is otherwise unexplainable: it is said to be from the NASA deployment of the Wake Shield Facility project that showed odd lights in the background - with the light changing course and speed.

Many might say that these are mere space junk or ice crystals or even rocks, but that they changed direction and speed meant that they may not be of our world. But then again, these are the same people who noted that the Apollo 13 moon mission had astronauts vouching that they saw aliens following them to the moon, so there's little to take from that.

But do aliens actually exist? This is a matter of opinion - nobody has ever actually seen them, but as Arthur C. Clarke noted, "Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying."

For now, NASA scientists are still looking for the possibility of other habitable zones in the universe - worlds that are warm enough to have liquid water and to sustain life forms - possibly in systems with stars older and bigger than our own sun.

How likely do you think that NASA and other governments already know that other life forms do exist? - Are Alien Life Forms Already Among Us?


Nile Crocodiles Found in South Florida

Step aside, Burmese python — you may no longer be Florida's scariest invasive species.

Researchers have confirmed that three Nile crocodiles were captured near Miami, and they say it's possible more of the man-eating reptiles are still out there, although no one can say for sure.

The big question now: How did they get to Florida?

"They didn't swim from Africa," University of Florida herpetologist Kenneth Krysko said. "But we really don't know how they got into the wild."

Krysko and his co-authors just published a paper showing that DNA testing proved the three animals captured in 2009, 2011 and 2014 are Nile crocs, a species whose males grow to over 16 feet long and weigh upward of 1,600 pounds.

Nile crocs are believed to be responsible for up to 200 fatalities annually in their native sub-Saharan Africa. Compare that with an annual average of six reported shark attack deaths globally.

Krysko, who works at UF's Florida Museum of Natural History, said the captured crocodiles matched genetically, meaning they are related to one another, but didn't match Nile crocs kept at Disney's Animal Kingdom and other licensed Florida attractions.

That means they probably were brought to Florida illegally by an unlicensed reptile collector who either didn't contain them properly, allowing them to escape, or, more sinisterly, planted them in the Everglades in hopes they would multiply.

The Nile croc, if it became established in the Everglades, would pose another invasive threat to its teetering ecosystem. Through crossbreeding, they could endanger the smaller, less aggressive American crocodiles, which have never been responsible for a confirmed human death in the U.S.

About 1,000 American crocodiles live in South Florida, mostly in mangroves and estuaries. Any hybrids would degrade the genetic integrity of the endangered American variety.

Nile crocs also are known to attack livestock, which would be bad news for cattle farms that border the Everglades.

Krysko and two co-authors, independent wildlife biologist Joe Wasilewski and UF wildlife ecology professor Frank Mazzotti, think more Nile crocs lurk unfound in the Everglades, but they aren't certain.

Allyson Gantt, a spokeswoman for Everglades National Park, where one of the reptiles was found, disagrees, saying no Nile crocs still roam the park.

Some Everglades visitors might not be aware of the differences between crocodiles and alligators, complicating efforts to confirm any remaining crocs. Crocodiles have angular snouts, and their lower teeth are exposed when their mouths are closed.

Alligator snouts are rounded, with few exposed lower teeth. Nile crocs are usually bronze or brownish yellow; alligators are blackish green.

All three Nile crocodiles were captured in extreme South Florida.

The first, a hatchling, was found on a front porch and sent to a Louisiana reptile exhibit. The second, a female measuring 4 feet, was captured at a park. Wasilewski kept it, but later gave it to another licensed researcher. The third was captured twice. The first trapper didn't have the proper permit, so he released the female. The croc was recaptured two years later 18 miles away by water in Everglades National Park. It was euthanized. - Nile crocodiles slither into South Florida


Queen Isabella's Ghost?

A spooky figure believed to be Queen Isabella, known as the She-Wolf of France, has been 'caught on camera' by ghost hunters in the ruins of an English castle.

The haunting image was snapped at the ruined medieval Castle Rising in Norfolk where the queen spent much of her time during the last 30 years of her life in the mid-1300s.

Paranormal investigator Andy - leader of the Essex Ghost Hunting Team - said he heard sounds of a long dress 'swishing along the stairs' outside the room moments before the picture was taken. Read more at Is this the ghost of a French queen walking the halls of a castle in Norfolk?



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