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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Unborn Child Makes An Early Visit -- Nazi Nuclear Weapons? -- The X-Files...Possibly Another Season

Unborn Child Makes An Early Visit

Dave Schrader, host of Darkness Radio, spoke with a man named Jack at Paracon in Minnesota. He agreed to tell of an encounter he had with shadow beings including one that may have been his unborn child:

“It was probably about 20 some odd years ago. I was sitting beside my mother who was dying of cancer. I was looking at her and I heard my grandma's voice. She was dead so it was kind of strange that I heard her voice. Then I turned around and looked because it sounded like she was right there in the room with me. Then I saw three shadow figures in the doorway of the bedroom. There was a man, my grandma, and another. I could see the shape of a man next to her, and a small child. She was kind of like holding the child from behind and pointing towards me saying, 'Hey that's going to be your father. He's really going to love you.'

So I got up from where I was. I walked towards the door and as I walked towards them, they turned around and started walking away. They turned the corner towards the front door steps and started walking up the steps and the little one turned around and looked at me as the two bigger ones walked through the wall in the front there and disappeared. He turned around and walked through the door and disappeared.

So then a couple, two or three weeks later, 3:30 in the morning, I woke up out of a dead sleep and there was the small shadow child that I saw a few weeks earlier. (Dave Schrader mentions that Jack's wife was pregnant at the time). Yeah, she was pregnant and so I kind of sat up in bed like kind of you are startled, you sit up. You don't really get out of bed, you just sit up. I tapped my wife Jackie on the shoulder, try to get her up, so she could see it too. So anyway, while the little one, the little guy was in the doorway, I could see the silhouette because he had a kind of Afro haircut to him, round, and you could see his little body, he'd be a little... I don't know, 3 year old, maybe. And I said to him, I say, Come here. And you could see he shook his head. And so then, at that time, I got up out of the bed, and I go, Come on, come on over here. And he did it again (shakes head). And I proceeded to get up still from bed. I went towards him and as I went towards him, he turned around and began running and when I got out into the hallway of the house, it was a straight shot right to the balcony, the sliding patio door, and he kind of ran right through it and out towards the back.

Well, I suppose a couple weeks after that, my wife had my boy... Had our baby and it was a boy and he wound up having curly hair, just like my mom. And if you look at his silhouette when he was little, it looked just like him that I saw as a shadow child. To me, I had a friendly experience.”

Source: Darkness Radio Youtube Channel October 19, 2015 (youtube.com/watch?v=TbNF4ZypXPI)

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Everyone's on Board for Another Season of The X-Files

If the show does come back, the first episode had better just be Chris Carter apologizing for that finale for an hour.

Fox chairman and CEO Dana Walden told reporters that the network has been in talks with Carter, Gillian Anderson, and David Duchovny for an eleventh season of The X-Files. “I believe everyone is on board to do another installment of the show,” he said.

Of course, both of the stars have packed schedules, so there’s likely to be a long pause before anyone gets around to actually making them. But given the ratings the revival got, Fox is probably going to do whatever it takes to squeeze more blood from that particular stone. Duchovny and Anderson should ask for Scrooge McDuck-levels of money.

Walden acknowledged the long road ahead, adding, “Hopefully this time next year we will have more news.” Hopefully, this news will be that Carter is not actually going to write any of the episodes himself. - Everyone's on Board for Another Season of The X-Files


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Nazi Nuclear Weapons?

A hobby historian from eastern Germany says he has found Hitler’s nuclear bombs in an underground bunker. But did such a bomb even exist?

Using a ground penetrating radar, 70-year-old Peter Lohr, says he discovered huge caverns in the ground under the Jonastal in Thuringia.

Furthermore, using a 3-D imaging technology he found five large metal objects in the cave, at least two of which he believes are atomic bombs.

The shape of the metal objects corresponds to the shape of a nuclear weapon, said Lohr, who is a trained mechanical engineer.

“The metal's been lying there for 71 years. At some point it will decay and then we will have a second Chernobyl on our hands” he warned tabloid Bild.

The authorities don’t seem to be taking his concerns as seriously though.

“They just told me that I’m not allowed to continue my research anymore.”

This is of course not the first time that an a hobby researcher has made a fantastical claim about a hidden underground lair full of Nazi secrets.

Just last year, two amateur historians had international media on tenterhooks after claiming they had found a train in a hidden tunnel in Poland full of Nazi gold and other treasures.

After extensive searches of the site, qualified researchers said they could find no evidence the train existed.

Did Nazis develop a nuclear bomb?

That the Nazis did work on their own nuclear weapon is not just a theory believed by conspiratorial crackpots.

In July 2015 public broadcaster ZDF showed a documentary called “The search for Hitler's nuclear weapon”.

Among the evidence they cite is a Russian military report given to Stalin which claimed that the Germans had successfully developed a nuclear bomb.

Reputed historian Rainer Karlsch also published a book, "Hitler's Bomb", in 2005 which argued that the Nazis developed an atomic bomb.

Karlsch wrote that two tests on a small nuclear bomb had been carried out, one in October 1944, the next in March 1945.

The theory that the Nazis were in the process of developing a superbomb was first propagated by the leaders of the Third Reich themselves, who in the finals days and weeks of the war kept promising a “Wunderwaffe” (super weapon) which would turn back the tide of the Allied march.

But, according to Sven Felix Kellerhoff, an editor and historian at Die Welt, there is no evidence that his was anything more than propaganda.

None of the evidence presented by ZDF or Karlsch is credible, he wrote last year, arguing that reports gained by the Allies from informants do not change the fact that "at no point did the Nazis have the industrial capability to split plutonium or uranium in sufficient quantities to create a nuclear bomb."

He also noted that Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels did not once mention the construction of such a bomb in his diary.

“If neither Hitler’s closest confidant nor the top level of the army knew anything about any such project, how likely is it really that it existed?", Kellerhoff concludes. -Pensioner claims to have found hidden Nazi nukes



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