Monday, May 23, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'I Shook Hands With An Alien' -- What? EgyptAir Flight 804 Struck by Meteorite? -- Tarantula Creates Chaos on Airliner

'I Shook Hands With An Alien'

Tampa, FL - 1997-08-01: I was working in Tampa FL at an International Trucking Company. A gentleman was brought into the office and was introduced as the new V.P. of the Southeast Division. I can only remember his first name as "Joe". He was very tall - I'm guessing 6 feet or taller. My head came up to his shoulder, and I was 5ft 5in at the time, and very slender. There was no one else in the office at the time that he walked in and looked around. I noticed that he seemed very pale in color, had silver-grey hair, wore a white shirt with a grey necktie, and wore a light grey suit. I walked over to introduce myself. As I told him my name, I held out my hand to shake hands with him. At first touch his hand was ice cold and his fingers were long, and as he grasped my hand a "vibrating" electrical shock went from my right hand up to my elbow. We released hands and I glanced up at him. His eyes were dark and he had a slight smirk on his face. It immediately went through my mind that he knew that I knew he was not human. I just slowly walked away and he walked back out onto the dock where the freight was. He never spoke a word the whole time. I was shaken by this occurrence, but I never told anyone. This "happening" bothered me for many months. I never told anyone for many years, except that one day my husband and I were watching a television program and the host asked "Have you ever met an E.T.?"

Without thinking I said "Yup, I shook hands with one." As soon as I said it, I got up and went into the kitchen. I couldn't believe I said that out loud. My husband said "What? Why didn't you say anything?" and I replied "Because I knew no one would ever believe me." I never told my husband anymore about it, and never spoke of it again. Until now. I have always believed in outer-space beings since I was a child. The only reason I'm telling MUFON is that my health is starting to decline and I feel that I must tell someone. Over the years I've thought of it and how unnerving it was. I'm sorry that I cannot remember the exact date or time, I think it happened in the very late 1990s or very early 2000s. I can't remember the time of year because they have no weather seasons to speak of in Florida. I just remembered that within the next 3 - 4 months, it was mentioned that he abruptly left the company with no specific reason. - MUFON CMS


Trillions of Alien Civilizations Possible

A new study has suggested that the universe is likely to be teeming with extraterrestrial life forms.
The recent discovery of over 1,200 new extrasolar worlds by NASA's Kepler Space Telescope has brought in to focus just how common planets actually are in the cosmos as well as how many potentially habitable worlds might be out there, just waiting to be found.

According to a new study co-authored by Woodruff Sullivan and Adam Frank, the odds of there being no other intelligent life forms in the entire universe are ridiculously slim.

"Even if you are pretty pessimistic and think that you’d have to search through 100 billion (habitable zone) planets before you found one where a civilization developed, then there have still been a trillion civilizations over cosmic history !" wrote Frank.

"When I think about that, my mind reels - even if there is just a one in a 100 billion chance of evolution creating exo-civilizations, the universe still has made so many of them that we are swamped by histories other than our own."

As part of their study, Frank and Sullivan also revisited astronomer Frank Drake's famous 1961 equation used to estimate the number of planets that might be home to alien civilizations.

By updating some of the variables and by simplifying the equation, the pair have managed to create what they believe to be a more accurate representation of the probabilities of alien life.

"With so many stars and planets filling the cosmos, it boggles the mind to think that we’re the only clever life to have made an appearance," said SETI's Seth Shostak.

"Frank and Sullivan use new research indicating that roughly one in five stars is orbited by a planet that could nurture biology." - Trillions of alien civilizations possible


Tarantula Creates Chaos on Airliner

Catherine Moreau had been watching a movie during a routine flight when she felt something on her leg.

Flying can be a nerve-wracking experience at the best of times, but for one passenger aboard a Montreal-bound Air Transat flight last month, an otherwise uneventful trip soon turned to chaos thanks to an encounter with a critter of the large, eight-legged variety.

Moreau had been watching a film on her iPad when she felt something brush up against her leg. After trying to sweep it away with her hand, she soon realized to her horror that the object was in fact a large tarantula that was slowly making its way up her body.

Things went from bad to worse when the spider, having been shaken on to the floor, hid underneath her daughter's suitcase who was left so terrified by the ordeal that she ended up having nightmares.

It later turned out that there had actually been two of the spiders on-board the plane and that they had most likely escaped from the luggage of another passenger who had intended to sell them.

According to entomologist Etienne Normandin, the species was identified as Phormictopus cancerides which is thought to be quite aggressive but has only a weak venomous bite.

"The market for live tarantulas is very lucrative," he said. - 'It started tickling me': Passenger recounts horror at meeting tarantula on Air Transat flight


What? EgyptAir Flight 804 Struck by Meteorite?

A Russian Ministry of Defense report claims that EgyptAir Flight 804 crashed over the Mediterranean Sea due to the aircraft being struck by debris from a large meteorite.

The Kremlin say that a 10,000 metric tonne meteorite entered the Earth’s atmosphere on May 17, and Russia was the first country to issue a warning about the potential danger it posed to aircraft.

According to this report, on 17 May the Okno optoelectronic space surveillance complex in Tajikistan sent an alert warning to the ADF that it had “detected/discovered” a near Earth asteroid approaching the atmosphere over North America at a speed estimated to be around 67,000 kilometers-per-hour and having an estimated mass of 8,000-10,000 metric tonnes.

Upon its being alerted to this “event/circumstance” by Okno, this report continues, the ADF “redirected/redeployed” a Kanopus satellite to observe this space object and that detected it slamming into the atmosphere above the Northeastern United States—and which was captured on video from an American police car in New York and described as a spectacular fireball.

After this meteorite [actually called a bolide in this report using the astronomy definition of this word] struck the atmosphere over North America, this report notes, it broke up into “many/numerous” pieces with some being ejected into a higher orbital “plane/trajectory” and the largest part falling back to Earth less than 24 hours later when, on 18 May, over the South American nation of Argentina, it exploded upon entering the atmosphere causing tremors to occur too.

With tens-of-thousands (if not hundreds-of-thousands) of this meteorites fragments (estimated to be between 5-60 centimeters) still expected to fall into our Earth’s atmosphere between 18-20 May, this report says, both Okno and Kanopus satellite data determined that the “areas/regions” most likely to affected by this space debris lay between Greenland and Australia due to the original North-South orbit of this meteorite—with the center point being the Levant.

As a number (not identified in this report) of S-400 surface-to-air missile systems [the most capable and lethal long-range air defense missile system on the planet] are currently deployed in Syria, and in fearing that some larger pieces of this meteorite debris failing to burn up in the atmosphere upon reentry could possibly activate them if fallen within their radar range, this report continues, the ADF sent an alert to the commanders of these forces warning them of what could occur.

Less than 48 hours after this ADF warning was issued, however, this report notes, EgyptAir Flight 804 (while over the Mediterranean Sea on its way to Cairo from Paris) apparently flew into the range of this meteorites falling debris where it was struck by fragment causing an explosive decompression of its structure that killed all 66 passengers and crew aboard.

This report further notes that the first report of this planes crashing was received from a Greek merchant vessel that reported that their crew had witnessed a flash in the sky sometime around the moment of EgyptAir’s Flight 804 disappearance—that is eerily similar to a Spanish pilots report that he saw an “intense flash” in the area where Air France Flight 447 came down off the coast of Brazil on 1 June 2009 killing all 228 aboard, and which speculation that it too was brought down by meteorite fragment has been much discussed.

Also important to note about this report is its conclusion, where MoD experts state that the US was alerted by the ADF when the warning was issued to the S-400 commanders [Russian and US commanders talk daily] about the possibility of their encountering falling meteorite debris, but chose not use it for themselves or pass it on to any of their allies—which becomes understandable when viewed in the light of the staggering increase of meteorites hitting our Earth that no one is yet able to explain, and now makes every plane a target. - Russia: EgyptAir Flight Crash Was Struck By Meteorite



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