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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: 'Hatman' in the Kitchen -- Dulce is Home to True UFO Believers -- The Melon Heads

'Hatman' in the Kitchen

Christian in Spain called in to tell of his Hatman encounter back in 1987:

“Now you have to understand the situation. It was back in '87, my girlfriend at the time and I were co-habitating. She was probably about six months pregnant with our son. We had a two bedroom apartment. It was beautiful stucco walls and everything on the street in (sounds like?) Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania which is the home of the church which was the last stop on the underground railroad with Harriet Tubman. They used to have this cigar factory after they shut it down, they revamped it to apartments. We were living in apartment number 2. And something had taken place where we decided the place was just a little too big for us, starting out, money-wise, so we decided we're going to move down to apartment 6 which was a bedroom and a living-room. It was smaller but economically, it was great. Moved in and I'm a smoker. I go to bed every night, I have my cigarette. I have the lighter on the end of my night-stand. Went to sleep one night. In the middle of the night, I get up to go to the restroom and I fire up a cigarette. It's a bad habit, I know. I reach for my cigarettes and lighter and they were gone. I walked in through the house into the kitchen and they were sitting on the kitchen table up on end, side by side. I turned around, I picked up the cigarettes, pulled it out, lit it up, turned around and from the kitchen light shining in from the two rooms, I saw this shadow figure of a gentleman sitting in a chair in the corner. He had a fedora hat on. Alright, now, here's the twist, I said, 'Who the hell are you?' and I turned around real quick to grab something. I mean, I was sure there was somebody sitting there. I turned around and the guy was gone.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - April 22, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Dulce is Home to True UFO Believers

DULCE — Something strange is happening in this tiny town on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in the far reaches of Northern New Mexico.

Residents claim they’re seeing — even photographing — flying saucers and other unidentified flying objects over the community of about 2,600 people, many of whom also share stories of low-flying military helicopters and fast-moving lights darting back and forth in the sky.

One resident even claims to have tracked Bigfoot.

But it’s the unexplained activity in the sky — and possibly underneath a neighboring mountain — that has captivated this community, the capital of the Jicarilla Apache Nation. Everyone knows about New Mexico’s decades-long connection with UFOs, starting with the reported crash landing of an unidentified flying object on a ranch near Roswell in 1947.

Since then, New Mexicans have reported hundreds of sightings and encounters with UFOs. Roswell has built an industry around its fabled alien visitors with a museum and annual festival devoted to them.

But if Roswell is the capital of New Mexico’s fascination with the unexplained, Dulce is the town of true believers.

“The whole town of Dulce, whoever you want to talk to, they’ll tell you what they’ve seen — a lot of them,” said 78-year-old Geraldine Julian, who claims to have seen multiple UFOs and other strange activity starting in the 1960s.

“It’s not just a fairy tale,” Julian insisted. “All the things are true, and I believe every last one of them, too, because I’ve seen it myself.” Read more at Move over, Roswell. Dulce is home to true UFO believers


The Melon Heads

They're called Melon Heads.

These little people, with large heads, are said to creep around the woods of Allegan County.

Stories of their origin differ, but one thing's for sure; they've scared a lot of people.

"I can see if you're there by yourself, or with one other person, and you hear something you're not used to hearing, your imagination will start to run away with you," said Scott Kuykendall of the Allegan County Historical Society.

Or it could be a Melon Head.

The vast network of trails in Laketown Township, surrounding the Felt Mansion and Saugatuck Dunes State Park, are said to be haunted by this mysterious band of creatures.

"You do hear stories of older people saying, 'Well, when I was a teenager, in the 1950s, we would be out there and see glowing eyes in the woods, or we might see something'," Kuykendall said.

Legend has it; the Melon Heads live in an underground series of tunnels.

Sometimes, jumping out to attack people, or eat them.

There are lots of different stories about how these little monsters got here.

They all have to do with people who have hydrocephalus.

It's a real condition.

Excess fluid in the brain causes the head to grow to an abnormal size.

The stories say melon-headed children lived at an insane asylum near the Felt Mansion.

"There was a doctor or scientist, and he had the children and started conducting experiments on them," Kuykendall said.

The Melon Heads revolted.

"Killing him, eating him, and going into the woods. Where they supposedly are today," Kuykendall said.

Kuykendall, a board member of the Allegan County Historical Society, says there's no hard evidence that any of this ever happened.
There was never an asylum in the area.

However, there was a prison.

"When you look at the stories and look at the time frames, it kind of fits into the fears were at the time," Kuykendall said.

There could be a more simple explanation.

The Felt Mansion was once used as a catholic school, and that caused some tension.

"The town folk referred to them as Melon Heads because they were considered smarter, it was a negative obviously, they thought they came from money and that they were rich and had big heads," Kuykendall said.

It seems that every town has a scary story to tell.

And can get people interested in the world around them.

"For us it's fantastic because we're able to draw them in with the interest in the paranormal and at the same time they're able to learn about the history of the county," Kuykendall said. - Beware the Melon Heads of Saugatuck


Woodbridge, NJ - 6/2014: A friend sent me this picture because I'm involved in a paranormal club at my school.
His friend said that he and his buddy were just getting home from hanging out.
He parked his car in front of his apartment at approximately 3 am.
As they were talking one of them saw something between two cars across the street from them.
He then took a picture of the entity with his smartphone and IT dashed away. - MUFON CMS



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