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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: The Good Samaritan -- 'Ghost' Tanker Washes Ashore -- Possible Reptilian Encounter

The Good Samaritan

Joe in Frazier Park, California, USA called in to tell of something strange that happened to him when he was 17:

“I've got a story for you. It's been bugging me for years. I'm 59 now. It happened when I was 17. I was two weeks short of going into the Army. My parents were going to Vegas and I was full of it. And as soon as they went out the door, we jumped in their car and went to the Salton Sea to fish. Come back and we're, oh, maybe an hour out of the Salton Sea and the car breaks down. We're out in the middle of nowhere. It was getting dark so we went to sleep in the car. There was nothing around us. We were right in the middle of nowhere. About 8 o'clock that morning, there's a tap on my window. There's this kid. He must have been 18 or 19 years old. Out in the middle of nowhere. I rolled down the window and he says, Need some help? And now I'm thinking, now what do you think? I said, Well, the car doesn't work. He says, let me see what I can do. I'm thinking, what the... where did this guy come from? He gets under the car. First he asks me if I got any tools. I said, no. He says, oh, don't worry, I got some. Out in the middle of nowhere. He gets under the car and says, Turn the car over. I turned the car over and it works. Just like that. And he says, Okay, drive it home. Do not go anywhere but home or the car will break down! So my friend in the car says, We gotta do something for this guy, let's give him a ride. He walked 15 to 25 feet from the car and then he disappeared. He was gone!”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - April 27, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


'Ghost' Tanker Washes Ashore

An abandoned oil tanker has washed up on the shores of Liberia in west Africa, prompting an investigation – and speculation over the fate of the ship’s crew.

The Tamaya 1, which is registered in Panama, ran aground on a beach near Robertsport earlier this week, apparently without a crew or lifeboats. On Thursday the Liberia national police and bureau of immigration inspected the ship, days after local residents first discovered it on the beach.

The 64-meter (210ft) tanker’s last known position was on 21 April near Gambia and Senegal, according to shipping site Marine Traffic – well north of Liberia along the west African coast. The ship was en route to the Senegalese port of Dakar, according to the site.

The Liberia national police and the Liberia maritime authority did not immediately respond to a call for comment. Read more at Oil tanker washes up on Liberia beach with no crew or lifeboats


Possible Reptilian Encounter

Unionville, MO - 2016-05-04 -3:15AM: Over the last few years I have been conducting Bigfoot research. I have a large family of them here and interact with them quite often and try to record them and figure out why they do what they do. But the evening was just kind of off and my dogs were afraid of something outside. They have become so used to the Bigfoot family they do not even bark at them anymore. When I stepped out on my deck to give a listen and see if I could record it was dead silent. This never happens, there were no crickets, no tree frogs, no bullfrogs, none of the whippoorwills either .No neighbor dogs barking nor any cattle making noise and the Bigfoot did not respond to my calls and that is unusual as it is when they are headed on the way to where they go to sleep in the day. When they respond I usually take out a treat for them and leave it by the barn for them.

While watching television I had caught some movement of something that moved fast between the house and the yard light. My roommate said he caught a glimpse of something light colored and really fast.The dogs were trembling and acting all out of sorts. That's when we armed up. I was looking out front and my roommate was next to the computer frozen like in a trance. He did not respond when I asked him if he saw anything. I touched his arm and he snapped out of it and said it looked at him. His arms were broke out in goosebumps and his hair on the back of the neck was standing up as was the hair on his arms. He does not scare easily especially after the many encounters he has had with Bigfoot. He said he saw a face in the window and it was not a Bigfoot and the eyes did not reflect any eyeshine like when the Bigfoot look in at us. The feeling was that there was something sinister out there.

That's when I said "Screw it." I am a man and I will not be held hostage in my own home by anything! My feeling was that a direct challenge was how to best deal with this thing. I told "R" to keep my dogs safe and handed him an assault rifle. I stood out on the front porch with my .357 magnum in hand. I prayed that God would cast his blessings upon me and guide my hand. I called upon the power of Jesus to banish this demon and said I would fight it with every bit of my being. I figured if this was my time I would rather go out fighting like a man than cowering like a sheep. So the challenge was made as I filled my mind with anger as a way to protect myself. I came back in and after about 90 mins things returned to normal and the forest sounds had returned. My friend had first described this thing as looking kinda like a grey alien but different. It was light colored had large eyes with a slit for a pupil and the face had a wide mouth with thin lips. He described the nose area like on the face of Voldamort from the Harry Potter film. So we looked at what people call the reptilians and he found an image that was really close to what he saw for a few seconds. The following night the forest was normal again. I am not sure how many of these things there were but everything was quiet for at least 1/2 mile. - MUFON CMS


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