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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: The 'E.T. Candidate' -- Red Holographic Man -- Santa's Space Ship

The 'E.T. Candidate'

When Jimmy Kimmel asked Hillary Clinton in a late-night TV interview about U.F.O.s, she quickly corrected his terminology.

“You know, there’s a new name,” Mrs. Clinton said in the March appearance. “It’s unexplained aerial phenomenon,” she said. “U.A.P. That’s the latest nomenclature.”

Known for her grasp of policy, Mrs. Clinton has spoken at length in her presidential campaign on topics as diverse as Alzheimer’s research and military tensions in the South China Sea. But it is her unusual knowledge about extraterrestrials that has struck a small but committed cohort of voters.

Mrs. Clinton has vowed that barring any threats to national security, she would open up government files on the subject, a shift from President Obama, who typically dismisses the topic as a joke. Her position has elated U.F.O. enthusiasts, who have declared Mrs. Clinton the first “E.T. candidate.”

“Hillary has embraced this issue with an absolutely unprecedented level of interest in American politics,” said Joseph G. Buchman, who has spent decades calling for government transparency about extraterrestrials.

Mrs. Clinton, a cautious candidate who often bemoans being the subject of Republican conspiracy theories, has shown surprising ease plunging into the discussion of the possibility of extraterrestrial beings. Read more at Hillary Clinton Gives U.F.O. Buffs Hope She Will Open the X-Files


The Disturbing World Of Exorcism In India

The debate between scientific explanations of incidents and the unseen space of the paranormal has been raging for centuries. And in India, one does grow up with a lot of stories of ghosts and demonic possessions triggering elusive questions in one's mind.

The first episode of ScoopWhoop's documentary series CHASE in association with Newslaundry, tells the story of Demonic Possession through the personal quest of a journalist, which takes her on a journey to a part of India which is at a distance of a few kilometres from the the new urban India, but is still centuries behind the modern India where rationality and science have resisted superstition.

Got to the website for the video


Red Holographic Man

Laurie from Wisconsin wrote in to tell of her strange entity sighting:

Decades ago when my kids were little I would stay awake late at night just to have some alone time. I was living in an old farmhouse in central Wisconsin, east of Stevens Point. With the kids and hubby in bed, I was doing a few bongs. Not out of the ordinary but I looked up into the kitchen and there stood a red holographic man wearing a hat like something you'd see on a Peruvian, at least that's my perception of what the outline was. No face, not very tall, maybe 4 feet standing 15 feet away. No sound was heard but I felt a disapproving, angry sort of vibe. And then poof, it was gone. Needless to say, I was frightened. I woke my husband up and had him check on the kids and look around the house and the yard. I got the impression that the being disapproved but he didn't move towards me or take any action. Now some people might say it was just the smoking and a hallucination but I have been '420 friendly' since 1970 and I have never before or since experienced this sort of apparition or any others for that matter. Have you ever had anybody talk about this red holographic aliens? I almost want to compare them to a grey but do they wear bowler hats? The one thing I was left with was the feeling that he was disgusted which was okay by me. I should mention there was an old cemetery just across the corn and a road from us. Ghost? Perhaps.

Source: Darkness Radio - May 2, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: Mmmm...seems to me that Laurie was smoking something laced with PCP, instead of ganja. Reminds me of a night in 1977 when I witnessed human hands coming out of the ceiling...but I knew what that was from. Lon


Santa's Space Ship

Xmas eve, 1976 I was riding with my sister and her 6-7 month old niece in her Honda Civic traveling from Colorado to Tana, Iowa for the holidays. It was dusk when I looked to the south (over Des Moines) and noticed a strange light. At first we thought it was one of those huge American flags, because it was not only illuminated, but seems to have movement within. Imagine a large flag moving in the wind from a half mile or more away. As we watched this light it diagonal-ed N/E moving slightly above the tallest trees. I'm guessing we watched it for about 15-20 minutes for it to reach Interstate 80. And by then it was getting too dark to see exactly what it was. What we could see though was a red light on the north end, and a series of white lights flashing in sequence horizontally to the right of it. This is what we thought was a waving flag.

The UFO stopped over the interstate, and all of the cars driving slowed down. Many had on their dome lights so we could see each other. Also there were small groups of cars huddled together for safety I guess. Then the UFO lights began to move. The red light remained stationary as the flashing white light slowly moved counter-clockwise. Then stopped when they were flashing straight up from the red light. Then they moved clockwise back to their original position and continued past the horizontal position until they were flashing straight down from the red light. Then back up the original horizontal position. Cars on the Interstate were moving VERY slowly now. It moved north across the Interstate for maybe a minute and then in the blink of an eye it ascended traveling north. The Des Moines Register had an article the next day, or maybe two days later, and joked that all the people that had called reporting this UFO, were seeing Santa Claus. - MUFON CMS


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