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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: The 'Devil Baby' -- Baying at the Moon -- Myrtle Beach Experiences Sounds From Above

The 'Devil Baby'

A friend at an online UFO group forwarded the following:

I wanted to tell you a story - maybe someone had ideas of what this was. When I was about 10 years old we lived in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 5 kids in a small house but nothing unusual...my dad was an Army sergeant and an avid runner - so every morning he would leave early at like 4:30 am turn on the hallway light - every morning it woke me up. So I waited for him to get out the door and I didn't hear him - so I closed my eyes & waited...then I heard what sounded like dogs claws - click click click click...I wasn't afraid but just kinda curious...then fear hit me and it was like a force made me look (I was on a top bunk) and I looked down to hear one more click click - a devil baby was looking up at me - bloody, fangs. I was frozen with fear - it was screeching and about to jump up at me - then I thought I passed out - or it was just a nightmare - but I was screaming and my older brother came into the room saying "YOU SAW IT TOO??"


Rosemary Ellen Guiley's New Radio Show

I have ended my co-hosting of A New World Awakening and have moved to the KGRA-db network with my own show, starting June 1. Strange Dimensions with Rosemary Ellen Guiley will air on Wednesday evenings from 8-10 PM Eastern.

My first guest will be John Rhodes, ufologist and expert on reptilian humanoids, underground bases, and more.

KGRA-db, owned by Race Hobbs, is one of the top digital broadcast alternative talk networks. I am delighted to join an impressive roster of show hosts, including Jimmy Church, Richard Dolan, Micah Hanks, Chase Kloetzke, and others. My show will precede Fade to Black with Jimmy Church.

My guests will include familiar and new names in the paranormal, metaphysical, ufo, and crypto fields--individuals who are doing significant and interesting work and research. I have some great guests and topics lined up, so please join me for some stimulating discussions.

Show archives will be posted shortly after each show on the KGRA site and on my YouTube channel, Strange Dimensions, currently under construction.

NOTE: Listen to Rosemary...then switch to Arcane Radio immediately afterwards at 10PM ET / 7PM PT


Myrtle Beach Experiences Sounds From Above

Myrtle Beach, SC: At approx 6:45am I heard a very LARGE sound emanating from all around the sky. This sounded like a gigantic fog horn which lasted about 2 secs. This sound was omni-directional and could be felt vibrating the air and felt inside the chest cavity.

As I opened the door to go outside I saw the security guard at the main gate step out of his guardhouse and look to the sky. There was nothing visible, however the sky was quite overcast. I returned inside and got a cup of coffee and stepped onto my back deck and sat down, I then realized that the sky was no longer overcast and the sun was coming up. The significance of this being that less than 5 mins had transpired.

This sounded very much like the movie "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" when the craft tried to first communicate with sounds. A Very LARGE deep claxon like sound. I have lived here for several years and know there is nothing around capable of making that sound as it was completely surrounding the area. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: I recently received an email from another resident of Myrtle Beach who described a similar sound. The areas just west of Myrtle Beach, SC have experienced a significant amount of UFO sightings over the past few years. Lon


Does the moon affect our mood or actions?

A new study has attempted to answer once and for all how lunar phases affect our moods and actions.

The phases of the moon have long held spiritual and metaphysical significance for mankind and even today remain associated with everything from bouts of erratic behavior to sleep deprivation.

Now though, in a renewed bid to find out if the moon really can make a difference to how we behave, a team of researchers from the Eastern Ontario Research Institute have analyzed the sleeping patterns of 5,812 children during several different phases of the moon.

Conducted over 28 months, the study found that there was a mere 5 minute difference between the average amount of sleep recorded during a full moon and that recorded during a new moon.

"Our study provides compelling evidence that the moon does not seem to influence people's behavior," said Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput. "The only significant finding was the 1% sleep alteration in full moon, and this is largely explained by our large sample size that maximizes statistical power."

"Overall, I think we should not be worried about the full moon. Our behaviors are largely influenced by many other factors like genes, education, income and psychosocial aspects rather than by gravitational forces." - Does the moon affect our mood or actions?



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